Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Comment Of The Day: Package Theft Continues In Carroll Gardens

Anonymous has left the following comment on the post "From PMFA's Mail Box: Stolen Packages?":
"Packages continue to be stolen. I've had 2 stolen this past weekend...the thief let himself right in through the front gate and left his footprints in the snow.
The 76th PCT should take petty theft seriously - if allowed to continue it will blossom into more frequent incidents of more serious crimes like muggings and home/auto break-ins. The PCT is wont to respond and when officers do respond they resist filling out police reports because it influences the crime stats for the neighborhood.
I would like to know if anyone else has had packages stolen recently? It would be good to have a sense of how frequently this is happening."
I received a telephone call from the 76th Precinct regarding the above comment  made by a reader.  They encourage residents to report stolen packages by calling the precinct at 718 834 3211.


Anonymous said...

We receive maybe 1 out of 3 package deliveries on 4th Place. Not sure how much is petty theft or shenanigans from the school kids, but it is very common.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that it's the delivery people themselves, too:

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11.19. Why don't you set up a temporary camera? They are cheap, and it sounds like it would be a public service.
@Anonymous 4.59 In the past I've had truly awful experiences with Brooklyn post offices and mail in general (Times Plaza, I'm looking at you). I've never been to the Red Hook post office, but I believe that both our regular delivery person and our USPS package delivery person work from there, and both have been terrific delivering to our building on Henry Street. A lot must depend on the individual carrier, so better not to tar all with the same brush.

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Anonymous said...

My package was nowhere to be found after the delivery person scanned the tracking label. No pink slip when tracking on line said the notice was left. Tracking says it was delivered, therefore I can't get a refund from where I bought the item from... Huge loss! My gut said something fishy with USPS delivery person. The people from Red Hook post office were no help at all or I should say there was no willingness to help me. I know my package (a gift for my brother) was taken by someone! I'm on 4th Place as well.

CG since before St. Agnes said...

When ordering ALWAYS insist on Adult Signature Required. That means UPS/FedEx MUST leave it with a live person - NOT "leave package by door" But, the vendor has to be willing to send it that way.

FYI - it's less likely the UPS driver than a Strolling Junkie.

?? No neighbor (residential or business) that you can send your parcels to "Care Of" ??

FYI - Post Office can only help if the sender instructions allow UPS to deliver to USPS for the balance of delivery.

Call: 1-800-Pick-UPS and make a stink. Also call the vendor about how the package was sent AND then call your Credit Card Company to complain and to also see what Insurance you had/have on your purchases.