Thursday, January 02, 2014

Dosa Royale On Court Street Now Open

Dosa Royale, the new Indian restaurant at 316 Court Street opening its doors shortly before Christmas. Judging by the first reviews posted on Yelp, the food at this new eatery is pretty great.

Restaurateurs Thiru and Heather Rajamani, who already own Dino in Fort Greene, serve up curries and dosas, thin crepes made from black lentils and rice batter that are stuffed with vegetables and served with condiments.

The neighborhood has been missing a great Indian restaurant, so Dosa Royale is a welcome addition. Besides, it seems to be a great option for vegetarians.

Have you been there yet? What did you think? What do you think of the prices?


Anonymous said...

Eager to try Dosa Royale soon.

In other news, I think Casa Rosa went out of business on Monday. They were packing up all of the tables and chairs into a U-Haul truck. How sad.

Tacologic said...

That's really expensive for dosa, but if it's good, then good.

Anonymous said...

This place looks great, but a little expensive for Indian. I guess that says a lot about the high rents on Court street

Anonymous said...

Saying it's "expensive for Indian" is ever so slightly racist/biased in the sense that, while cheap Indian (or similarly Chinese) exists, there's no reason not to pay more for better execution the way we do for Mexican (Jolie Cantina) or all the overpriced New American all over the neighborhood.
This is what I mean:

Jim said...

to Anonymous @ January 02, 2014 1:41 PM.

Shakes head, rolls eyes.

Anonymous said...

Love it. Super delicious and the staff are very kind. However, last Saturday evening it was wall to wall toddlers and their parents. It felt like Moo Burger and the restaurant is far more sophisticated. Fortunately, the toddlers cleared out by 8 or so.

Anonymous said...

Dunno. No soft opening. One day they are painting then boom serving food?!? I won't ever go here but I'd give them at least a month to break in the pans. The sign is nice typeface at least.

Jim said...

Crying toddlers, and strollers taking up space until 8pm? That kills it for us. Moo Burger is irritating enough.

Dosa Royale, thanks but no thanks. When in the city we'll still go to Tamarind in TriBeca for Indian. Expensive but worth the price because the food is excellent, and best of all no children.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh don't blame kids. Blame the strollers.