Tuesday, January 14, 2014

In PMFA's Mailbox: Stray Voltage Still A Problem In Front Of 329 Smith Street

You may remember last week's post regarding a stray voltage problem with an underground electric  in front of Seersucker at 329 Smith Street. Quite a few neighborhood dogs got shocked as they walked past with their owners.
On Monday afternoon, a reader left a comment to alert fellow Carroll Gardeners to the fact that, despite Con Edison's attention, the problem seams to persist.
He writes:
This is still happening. When my girlfriend happened to be walking our dog past the site today [Monday] while talking to me on the phone, she mentioned to me that she thought the dog had just gotten a shock. She hadn't read this post or heard about this before, but I told her she was probably right, given what I'd read here. So I guess it's not yet fixed.
Best advice to all dog owners, better cross the street till we know for sure this situation has been resolved.

After reading here that dog owners were still reporting problems with stray voltage in front of this address, Zeeshan Ott of State Senator Daniel Squadron's office called Con Edison to inquire about this matter.  Con Edison sent out a crew again and took additional readings. The utility company has assured Squadron's office that there is no more danger.

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