Monday, January 06, 2014

Revelations Day Spa on Court Street: Here One Day, Gone The Next

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A reader just left the following comment on PMFA in regards to Revelations Day Spa at 527 Court Street:
"Have you heard anything about Revelations Day Spa on Court between West 9th and Garnet?
It took forever to open, seemed to have opened for literally one day, and is now closed. They took all of the shampoos, products and furniture out.
Personally, I am not surprised, nor am I saddened by the swift closing time. Their workers were constantly loitering, it took forever to open, it looked like it didn't remotely fit into the neighborhood, and there was often lots of debris left in front of the store, like broken glass, which the workers or owners never swept up.
It would be wonderful to have something useful down there, like a grocer or drug store. "

Personally, I was not even aware of the spa. Did anyone try it out while it was open? Does anyone know what happened?
What kind of business do you think the Southern end of Court Street could use?

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Anonymous said...

Good riddance! Who on earth would think that was a good idea to open that kind of salon? It's as if the owner did absolutely zero research on the neighborhood.

It is a massive space with a barber shop across the street, another barbershop on West 9th, and the fantastic and successful Danka Panka next door. The products in the window looked generic, the decor was terrible, and it looked like it was supposed to be high end and just missed the mark.

The folks down on this street need something large and bright to fill this space. There is a ton of traffic here nowadays and it would be wonderful to have a drug store or a nice market here. Somebody, hear our cries!