Monday, January 20, 2014

TEDxGowanus' Official Speaker Line-Up For This Sunday's Event

"We are passionate about bringing TEDx to Gowanus because this area is a perfect representation of the culture, innovation, and change that are dominating the new Brooklyn landscape" –Sean Gannet, Organizer TEDxGowanus.
TEDxGowanus, an independently organized TED event, will be held this Sunday, January 26th, 2014 at The Green Building and 501 Union Street in GowanusThe theme of this all-day event is "Inspiring Community". It will bring together area designers, entrepreneurs, artists, historians, and community leaders to share ideas and discuss a full range of topics from the neighborhood's history, industry, ecology, to evolution.

Organized and presented by Sean Gannet, Stone Dow, and Joseph Alexiou, this conversation about Gowanus will feature an impressive list of over twenty speakers, some of whom are probably familiar to many in Gowanus.

Below find the speaker line-up and the schedule for Sunday.

SESSION 1: ORIGINS, 12:15—1:45pm

Joseph Alexiou, The most important swamp in American history
T.M. Rives, What the sale of Manhattan doesn't tell us about Native Americans
Marlene Donnelly, The Case for Gowanus: National Registry of Historic Places
Andrew Gustafson, Why the Baseball Hall of Fame Belongs in Brooklyn

Kate Orff, Rebuilding eco-infrastructure: Marine Gardening with Blue Mussels
Proteus Gowanus, Collaborative Art and Historical Inspiration
Joselin Linder, Stopping a genetic disorder in its fourth generation

Break 2:00—3:00

SESSION 2: IMMERSED, 3:00—4:40pm

Coney Island River Rats, LIVE DIVE OF THE GOWANUS!
Ate Atema, Street Creeks: A Call to Action
Natalie Loney, Inside a New York City Superfund
Monica Byrne, Changing the Disaster Relief Paradigm
Calloway's Salon, A delicious romp through debauchery and laughter with a tune or two
Rachel Fershleiser, Why I <3 bookternet="" br="" the="">Reggie Ossé, Hip Hop: From Counter Culture To Popular Culture

Dinner Break 4:45—6:15


Leah Selim, Food is more than culture, it's diplomacy
Pete Raho, Bringing back the American manufacturing sector
Councilmember Brad Lander, Democracy in Local Budgeting
Susannah Drake, Designing a Sponge Park
Eymund Diegel, Unearthing the Ghost Streams of Gowanus's past
Ed Woodham, Public Art, Private Awakening
Blind Ear Music, Live and improvised composition and performance

Cocktails and Conversation at ROYAL PALMS

The event has been sold out for a while. If you did not score tickets for TEDxGowanus, no worries. The entire event will be live streamed.  Or you can attend one of the viewing parties.  Click here for the info.


Anonymous said...

It's already late December of 2014? My, how the time does fly!

Katia said...

Oh, boy. Sorry about that. Thanks for paying attention.

Alexis said...

I have an extra ticket for sale in case anyone missed out on purchasing -