Tuesday, February 25, 2014

If You Have $34.99 To Spend On An Emu Egg, Gowanus Whole Foods Would Like To Sell You One

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 11.24.41 AM
As seen at the egg bar at Third and Third  Gowanus Whole Foods Store

Yup.  Whole Foods Gowanus sells eggs from New Jersey emus at $34.99 a pop.  Friend C., who took the photo and was kind enough to let me use it here, writes:
"I'm at a loss here other than this is a Seinfeld episode waiting to happen. Do people really think, 'Gee, think I'll run out for a quart of milk and an emu egg?' "
Perhaps.  These days, anything seems possible.

Apparently, one emu egg is the equivalent of a dozen chicken eggs.  Personally, I would never consider buying a dozen eggs for $34.99.  Which means that the only reason you would spend this much for one egg is because you want to really seem pretentious the next time you invite people over for brunch.

I always thought that emu eggs are actually green.  But what do I know.  


Andy said...

Maybe they're not for eating but rather so that you can grow your own Emu??? If that's the case, $34.99 seems more than reasonable.

Katia said...

Thanks for the chuckle, Andy. If that is the case, I might buy one so I can have my own emu. I could then sell its eggs for $25.00 and undercut WF.

Paul T. said...

After a quick Google it appears emu eggs are green. The 'ol bait and switch with the ever popular emu egg???

Katia said...

Paul, perhaps these are mislabeled ostrich eggs?

Jill said...

The color was washed out by the chemicals emanating from the Super Fund site upon which Whole Foods is built?

Katia said...

That's a great theory. Love it.
Perhaps Whole Foods should consider holding an emu Easter egg coloring event on the shores of the Gowanus. I am sure the petroleum sheen on the surface of the canal water would color any egg in very pretty colors if one dips it in.

Or perhaps it's the perfect Brooklyn artisanal start-up business. "Local Gowanus Canal hand-dipped emu Easter eggs."
I can see it now.

Anonymous said...

These are definitely ostrich eggs, which are the largest (= about 30 chicken eggs) and run around $30+. Emu eggs are bluish green and look like what you'd imagine a dinosaur egg to look like, but smaller and run around $15-20. For cooking, they are both kind of crappy and on the dry side when cooked.

Duck eggs are fantastic for cooking.