Friday, February 14, 2014

Carroll Gardener Needs A Little Gardening Help

Carroll Gardener Tamara
Tamara's Carroll Gardens garden in need of a little help

This neighborhood is full of caring people, and I am hoping that on this Valentine's day, some of you will show some neighborly love.
Last spring, Carroll Gardener Tamara was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, went through an operation and chemotherapy.  At the same time, construction next door to her apartment flooded her backyard and ruined all the plants.  "I spent the whole summer recovering from my hysterectomy staring at a backyard with nothing in it but some straggly hosta plants," she wrote to me in an email a few days ago.

Luckily, Tamara is now doing much better. "I feel like I am so lucky now to be in remission when others aren't,” she told me.  However, her back yard is still a mess and Tamara would like to get it back into shape for Spring 2014.  Physically, she cannot do the work herself and is asking for a little help.
She would love to find a gardener in the neighborhood who will be kind enough to give her a discount.

I am thinking that we can do better than that and lend Tamara a helping hand.  Surely, there must be some great hobby gardeners who can volunteer a bit of time to make her garden bloom once more.  After all, the neighborhood isn't called Carroll Gardens for nothing.

So how about it?  Can we help Tamara start Spring 2014 on a hopeful note?  If you are a gardener, if you can contribute some time, or some plants, please leave a comment with your contact info or reach me at pardonmeinbrooklyn at gmail dot com and I will forward your offer of help to Tamara.


Caitlin Jennings said...

I would love to help. I'm a novice gardener living on Union Street. Let me know when you need it! caitlin.k.jennings at gmail dot com

Katia said...

Thank you so much Caitlin. I will forward your comment to Tamara

Amanda said...

I'm willing to help also. Though I don't know too much about gardening,I am taking a class this spring,and can contribute some time on Saturdays.
patricia e orourke at gmail dot com

Katia said...

Hi Amanda,
I am sure that Tamara will be happy about your kind offer. Will make sure she gets your contact information.

Together, it shouldn't be too difficult to help her have some blooms in her garden this summer.

Gorgon said...

Thanks so much everyone for your offers of help - I'm looking forward to the spring now!

Gorgon said...

Thanks everyone for your offers of help - now I'm looking forward to the spring!

Matt Mazzone said...

Hi Katia,

One of my customers mentioned this post to me. Mazzone Ace Hardware would like to donate $100 worth of garden supplies to Tamara. The only downside is we have to wait for this snow to melt before we get started! =) I hope that helps some! Feel free to contact me when ready.

Matt Mazzone

Mazzone Ace Hardware
470 Court St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Katia said...

What a great community we live in. This is such an incredibly generous offer. I will be sure that Tamara gets the message. Thank you so much, Matt.

Unknown said...

I have a nice Holly and 2 rose bushes I am looking for a good home for. I would love to donate them to her but as one of the "seniors" would need help digging them up. If any of the other volunteers are willing, please let me know how to schedule and arrange it, whenever the weather begins to cooperate. I also have a "Sweet Autumn Clematis" I will donate. They're great for covering an ugly fence and and have a great fragrance in the later summer to fall.