Thursday, February 20, 2014

Help Carroll Gardens School For Innovation's Campaign To Publish A Green Roof Curriculum Guide

In the spring of 2011, a brand new roof garden was installed at the Samuel Mills Sprole school building at 317 Hoyt Street, between Union and President Streets. It was a great occasion for the school and  I had the great pleasure to be present at the very first planting session. It was wonderful to see students of Carroll Gardens School for Innovation MS442, which is housed in the school building, carefully transplant the vegetable and herb seedlings they had started in the classroom to the raised beds on the roof.
It was wonderful to see the students connect to nature and to take such pride in this garden.

Recently, Carroll Gardens School for Innovation partnered with two other schools to put together a Green Roof Curriculum Guide to make it easier for others to provide this amazing opportunity to their students.
For that purpose, the three schools have started a fundraising campaign.
Here is more from Corrine Contrino, parent coordinator at Carroll Gardens School for Innovation MS442.

"Carroll Gardens School for Innovation, MS 442, is partnering with two other schools in the city to publish a Green Roof Curriculum Guide. We are currently running an indiegogo campaign, looking for funders for the publication. I am wondering if you would invite your readers to visit the link to find out more about this project.

We hope this book will make the process easier for other schools to incorporate green roof projects into all major content areas, giving students an interesting and practical purpose for their learning as well as opening up new career ideas for them. The other schools are PS 41 in Greenwich Village (an elementary school) and Bronx Design and Construction Academy (a high school)."  

The online fundraising campaign ends soon, but if you would like to contribute, you can get in touch with Corrine Contrino at or send donations directly to the school (Carroll Gardens School for Innovation - MS 442, 317 Hoyt Street, to Corine's attention).

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