Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Soon, One Of These Three Sister Buildings On Court Street Won't Look Like The Others


I've always liked the three identical sister buildings at 187, 189 and 191 Court Street at the corner of Bergen Street. The two-story brick structures have a commercial space at the street level with an apartment above.  They were most likely built in the early 1930s.
Similar buildings can be found sandwiched between older structures on neighboring blocks and on Smith Street.
According to Zillow, this number 189 Court Street, the middle structure, was sold in August 2012 for $1,205,000.
A few weeks ago, scaffolding was erected in front of the building .  Shortly afterwards, cinderblocks were delivered to the address.
I had hoped that the cinderblocks were for an extension at the back of the building, but since they were being hoisted to the roof with a crane, that seemed unlikely.  Sure enough, a quick check on the
New York City Buildings Department web site revealed that permits have been taken out for a proposed vertical extension from a two story, 20 ft high building to four story, 40 ft high structure.

Incidentally, the buildings on the west side of Court Street are part of the Cobble Hill Landmarks District and are protected. The buildings on the east side of Court Street, like number 187, 189 and 191 Court Street, are not included in the district.
I find it kind of sad that this middle building will soon be different than its sisters. I guess I am a sucker for symmetry.


Anonymous said...

Since the building in the middle is being developed, symmetry won't be a issue until one of the other 2 buildings are developed. Let's just hope the developers do a good job of trying to keep in context with the neighboring buildings.

Anonymous said...

How sad to destroy this cute trio. It's like they took what
They could get. Who wants to live above a store on a busy street? Let's hope this baby has back.... Yard.

Jim said...

That "cute trio" was destroyed long ago by renting out to California Taqueria and Nature Nails.