Friday, March 21, 2014

A Moment Back In Time: Taddo, The Tango Dancing, Guitar Playing Barber Of Smith Street

Let us go back in time for just a moment with this gem of a movie made by Aaron Matthews in 1997. The award winning film features Salvatore “Taddo” Camarda, a spunky old barber who owned a barber shop on Smith Street between Douglass and DeGraw Streets. It is a throwback to a time when Smith Street had lost most of its ground floor businesses and those which were still there, were struggling for survival.

According to Matthews:

"TADDO is the story of “the oldest barber in Brooklyn.” An ex-boxer, guitar player and tango aficionado, Salvatore “Taddo” Camarda is the product of a gritty Brooklyn neighborhood, and he has held onto his shop, and the craft of cutting hair for a lifetime. Step into Taddo’s barbershop and step back in time, into the world of a legendary Brooklyn craftsman. Though business may be failing, and the neighborhood is changing faster than he cares for, Taddo has endured. And so has his love for life, friends and “a good scissor haircut.”

Not only is it a pleasure to learn more about Taddo, but the 10 minute film features some amazing footage of Smith Street.

I am not sure exactly where Taddo had his shop, but my best guess is that it was located at 248 Smith Street, which is now occupied by Refinery.

The reader who sent me the link to this great glimpse back in time and wrote: "I do vividly recall Taddo saying, "Come on in! They made a movie about me ya know!" and generally having a very enjoyable time when I got my hair cut there, so I was glad to finally get to see the film online. "
I would like to thank him for sharing the link.

Does anyone else in the neighborhood remember Taddo?

Below, 248 Smith Street today.
Is this where Taddo once had his barber shop?



neil said...

Really sweet! I noticed that the sidewalks and lamposts were new, which was completed just before this was filmed. I moved around the corner in 1999, but can't remember seeing this shop. Good timeline here:

Katia said...

That's a great article. I remember reading it once before. It has some wonderful information.

Mrs. G said...

Greeting Katia,

As always, you get these little gems! I've rented more than a few movies/documentaries thanks to your blog! Thanks so much for sharing!

Katia said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Ms. G.