Sunday, March 16, 2014

Attempted Child Kidnapping In Cobble Hill? A Message From PS 29

A reader made us aware of a scary incidence that happened at 8:30 Am at the corner of Clinton and President Streets in Cobble Hill this past Friday morning. It would appear that two PS 29 students on their way to school were accosted by two men who attempted to lure them towards a white van. Thankfully, the kids proceeded to run to school, where they arrived safely and told the staff about the incident. PS 29 immediately informed police and sent an email to parents and other schools in the area.

Below is the message sent around by PS 29's Principal Rebecca Fagin.

Dear Families,

At about 8:15 AM this morning, while walking to school on the corner of Sackett and Clinton, two of our students were approached by two male strangers who had gotten out of a white van. One of the men reportedly gestured towards these children and started to follow them. The children quickly reacted and began running to school. Fortunately, these students were not harmed and made it to school safely where we reported the incident to the police immediately.

In order to keep all of our students safe, we urge you to discuss with your children the following safety guidelines regarding traveling to and from school:

*Please encourage your children to travel in a group whenever possible.
*Make sure your children are aware of their surroundings – they should not wear headphones or use their cell phones while walking.
*They should always take routes that are well populated.
*Children should never respond to or approach unknown adults.
*If your children do encounter a situation that raises concern about their safety, they should immediately run in the opposite direction and yell for help to alert bystanders.
*All children should tell a trusted adult immediately if they encounter suspicious behavior.

Please keep in mind that we will continue to ensure that our building is safe and secure – and thus we will remind you that all adults must enter through the front doors and provide our security agent with identification.

We are in constant communication with our local precinct to ensure the safety of the entire PS 29 community. The police officers in our local precinct will be available in the auditorium at drop-off on Monday morning if there are further questions or concerns. If you have specific information, questions, or concerns, please contact our parent coordinator, Monica Gutierrez-Kirwan at

We are a close-knit community and always look out for one another’s children. I encourage you to continue to do so and act with greater vigilance. Please know that we are doing everything possible to keep your children safe.

Thank you for your cooperation and please do not hesitate to contact us.


This is very unsettling to say the least. As Principal Fagin suggests, it may be a great idea to speak with your children about this and to remind them to be careful and to follow the safety guidelines mentioned in the email above.  And of course, if anyone sees anything suspicious, please call the 76th Precinct at 191 Union Street directly at (718) 834-3211.

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