Wednesday, April 09, 2014

A Moment Back In Time: Hitchhiking On The Corner Of Third Avenue And Third Street in Gowanus In 1998

photo credit: Craig Kafton

The photo above was sent to me by my friend Martin Bisi. It shows the corner of Third Avenue and third Street in Gowanus. Martin writes:

"About 1998, outside my studio at the American Can Factory. On the left you can see the buildings on other side of the Coignet building, where Whole Foods is now. The Coignet building looks really clean too - the woman in foreground is someone I was working with. Her name is Jane Jensen. She starred in Tromeo and Juliet, by Troma Films, an old-school New York B-rate film company.

The photo was taken by Craig Kafton. There's so much NY spirit in it. And we were never a waste 

land !"

Thanks for sharing this, Martin. Made me think back on what was happening in my life in 1998.
I had already been living in Carroll Gardens for 13 years at that point in time.

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