Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Construction Update For Lightstone Group Project In Gowanus

Rendering of Lightstone Group's Gowanus project

Get ready for some tough weeks if you live anywhere near Bond Street between Carroll And 2nd Street.
Community Board 6 has sent around a notice above from Lightstone Group regarding their 12 story, 700 unit rental project on the shores of the Gowanus.
In the next few weeks, excavation, soil boring and removal, as well as pile driving will move forward.
Pile driving has already started and the noise on Bond Street was deafening.  The pounding noise actually reverberated all the way to Smith Street and could be heard in front of PS 58 and in Carroll Park.
Odd that the notice doesn't mention "environmental remediation" anywhere, especially since the site is still contaminated.  After all, the developer has recently applied for tax monies under the NY State Brownfield remediation program.

Below is a poster that was pasted recently along the construction site. I think it expresses what many in the community feel about the project and the changes in Gowanus.



Jim said...

We live on the corner of 3d/Bond and this morning I can feel the vibrations of the piers being pounded into the ground. For those who live directly across the street and from the site it must be nightmarish.

Katia said...

And this is just the beginning, since construction is only happening on one part of the development so far.
I am wondering why they are already driving piles into the site if it has not yet been fully remediated under the Brownfield program.

Anonymous said...

Pounding started before 7am this morning. I will call the hotline - thanks for the info. Sure wish they would have had the courtesy to start this incessant pounding until after the state testing ends this Friday - those kids at PS58 and PS32 trying to take exams today (and Thurs and Fri) have enough challenges without the addition of this pounding!

Anonymous said...

Re: "Anonymous"
Starting the pile driving before they are supposed to is an issue for sure. But I'm also sure our local children aren't so delicate that a bit of construction noise 3 blocks away will affect their test taking skills. If they are, perhaps the city isn't the best environment for them and their parents should consider a life style change.

Let's stay reasonable. The city never stops changing, that's the only thing that remains the same.

Unknown said...

Looks like they are blaming poor old Warren Buffett for some reason.

Anonymous said...

PS 32 and MS 442 are one block away. I'm not sure if all parents have a choice about where they live or where they send their kids to school but your suggestion sounds wonderful for those who have those opportunities.

Anonymous said...

This is not "a bit of construction noise." I live about 50 yards away from PS 32, and that pounding is certainly distracting me even with my windows closed. When the pounding is going on, it is very loud, concussive, and in rapid succession. PS 32 is on President between Hoyt/Bond, only one block from the construction site on Carroll/Bond. How the students can concentrate while taking tests is beyond me...hardly an issue of their being "delicate" or a choice of living in the city or not.

Anonymous said...

We're at President and Hoyt. We hear and feel the pounding vibrations from the pile driving and wonder how it is affecting the structural foundation of our 100+ year old foundation. The impact is particularly felt in our basement. How can this development take place without the blessing of an ample environmental impact study, as well as how it may effect the existing structures, many of them landmarked? It is clearly an outrageous breach of moral and civic ethics. What will we do if cracks develop in our foundation that compromise the structural integrity of our home?

Anonymous said...

Lightstone Construction Hotline (646-362-1500)

Anonymous said...

And to think this is only the very beginning if Gowanus is rezoned for residential. We will have many projects and many years of pile driving and construction noise. It was a bit shocking how far the sound traveled.

For those neighbors concerned with the future of the Gowanus neighborhood, I encourage you to get involved with Bridging Gowanus, which is councilmember Brad Lander's attempt at community planning. Call his office at 718-499-1090 to find out more or to complain about the current construction.

Anonymous said...

I am at the corner of Union and Hoyt...just across from the school. Have not heard or felt anything.

Just adding this comment to give readers perspective on where the noise ends.

I still oppose the project, not so much for building by the canal.....but the density of 12 stories seems unreasonable and is far too large relative to the rest of the area. I do not thnink we are equipped vis a vis public transport, schools, sewer capacity, parking, to handle this influx.

Anonymous said...

Lou F.,

I'm more toward Bond than you. The pile driving isn't even happening on the part of the site closest to us.

As for an EIS, there was one for the original Toll Brothers project. Katia covered the process extensively on this blog. City Planning has extensive documentation including public testimony on their website or at least they did as of two years ago. Community Board 6 should also have information. People did try to get an additional comprehensive EIS when Lighstone entered the picture especially given the canal's superfund status, Sandy, and new FEMA regulations.
I do know that Lightstone had requested permission from homeowners to allow Lightstone to inspect their homes. I do not know how far the radius for this was.

Anonymous said...

Today's pile driving began early and ended around 11:00 am or so, possibly because of the weather. Once it resumes, I'm sure that anyone on Union near Hoyt will hear it. It's very, very loud, and it's not really possible that the noise doesn't travel beyond the boundary of President/Hoyt.

Kurt said...

I live on 2nd Street and Hoyt. They have been driving piles for at least two weeks now. Not to mitigate the issue, but I think the noise was particularly bad today because of the way the wind was blowing, it has not been nearly as noticeable in previous days.

Another issue is getting those tubes or piles or whatever you call them on site. They come in these massive semi trailers, 10 to a load. They bring them up 3rd street and then turn onto Bond. The load is so long they have to change out the semi cab and use a special short cab so as to make the turn onto Bond Street. The turn isn't easy and blocks traffic for considerable time. I talked to a construction worker there yesterday and he told me they were driving in 1200 piles. Says he's never seen anything like it. Do the atheist as to how many oversized deliveries that is going to require.

Anonymous said...

Just to update, the pile driving stopped yesterday around 10:30am due to the a number of calls to the hotline requesting the pile driving be suspended during the state-mandated testing at the nearby public elementary and middle schools. The construction crew was very accommodating and agreed to do what they could to stop the pile-driving during the hours of testing each morning through Friday.

Maria Pagano said...

Thanks for the consistent reporting, Katia. It helps tremendously to keep the conversation up to date.
I timed the pile driving this morning- 6:45AM. I didn't check the time, but now at 12:20pm it's quiet.
Re: distance the sound travelled.
Yesterday one of the PS 58 crossing guards thought there was construction on Carroll St at Court. I couldn't tell if there was another site or if it was reverb from the Lightstone site.
All the work that has been done in the name of the residents is critical. Change in the process is needed. The developers must recognize that we are more than just accidential "street decor" to their projects. More successful efforts, such as 360 Court are examples of adjustments that can work for both sides.

Katia said...

Maria, it is amazing how the sound reverberates for blocks. I am glad that the developer is making accommodation for the school kids while they are taking their tests, but we are looking at weeks or even months of this.
The pile driving is only happening on the site between First and Second Street, which represents only half of the Lightstone project. The other half, between Carroll and First Street is to follow shortly.

Anonymous said...

The constant sound of the impacts of pile banging certainly does carry throughout all of Carroll Gardens. It is an reminder of just how small the land mass is that makes up this community. It makes us all aware of the impact this will have on the community as more impacts start to reverberate. How is it our former councilman de Blasio could just give away our community in this way? WHERE ARE ANY BENEFITS TO OUR COMMUNITY TO JUSTIFY ANY OF THIS IMPOSITION? Will we soon be filling all of the school yards with classroom trailers? There will be no more space on the F-train, and there already is no space for more cars. Will we all need to buy bicycles to get around? And when the entire population of the Lighstone building is awash in cholera, what hospital will there be to nurse the sick?

Anonymous said...

Department of Buildings has developers post notices instructing you to call DOB, 311 with issues. The notice shown here doesn't clearly say that.

Also local schools will be giving the SAT this Saturday. And there will be AP exams going on 8am to noon on May 8 and 14. And chance for some focused quiet then?

Anonymous said...

Work is not permitted on Saturdays. Calling Lightstone now (as well as 311 and NYSDEC) about the AP exam dates is a good idea.

Rob said...

I actually heard it going on this morning around 7:20am when I left my apartment. I'm down on Bond a couple blocks away. It wasn't that bad until I turned a corner and then the sound reverberated off some buildings giving it an echo effect. I can definitely see how some people aren't having issues while others are. I guess it depends exactly where on the site they're pile driving and how the sound is echoed down the blocks.

ju said...

I live on Hoyt Street between Carroll and Carrol streets; I hear the pile driving every morning, beginning around 7:00 AM. At first I thought it was the gravel plant in the area, smashing stone.
GOWANUS CANAL Superfund vs. real estate development. Who wins? It seems to me, the real estate giants are going ahead with their plans. RE: an anonymous post suggesting the delicacy of children and their test taking skills, their need to buck up and suck up to the pile driving sound or move from the area: Here's my suggestion: all children deserve the best education possible. That means taking the time to look for the best schools for your children, whether it's public, private, charter. Every child has needs; every child is different. You, anonymous, need to be less judgmental. SERIOUSLY?! Are you a real estate broker in the area?!!

Anonymous said...

Heard the driving annoyingly loud and clear on 2nd between smith and hoyt. Like another commenter, I wonder about how the reverberations are affecting th old homes.

Anonymous said...

Yo, this is hilarious:

"There will be no more space on the F-train, and there already is no space for more cars. Will we all need to buy bicycles to get around?"

Umm, no, on-street car parking is not your right. You live in a dense urban area, and you should never HAVE to drive your car. Walk, or, god forbid, bike around sometime. You don't live in Amityville.

Also, the ONLY way the MTA will increase F service is with additional population. The tail can't wag the dog.

Resident of Bond and Second said...

I live five doors from the site and can vouch that the abundant work-from-home freelance and arts community here in the immediate zone is up in arms and suffering greatly. Ditto the many elderly and children home with caregivers. Our house is shaking and sound level is at 58-81 dB. We've been told they will be driving 1200 piles* and there is nothing anyone can do abate the noise because of the fees they've paid the city. It starts legally at 7 am, M-F.
Yes, 1200 piles. After a week they have about 25 done and are said to be getting a second rig going soon.

Dandy said...

Always nice to hear about the most recent updates. Thanks for sharing!