Monday, April 21, 2014

Dead Body Found In Gowanus Canal This Afternoon

Photo of Police retrieval boat and divers going towards the scene

The body of a male was spotted in the Gowanus Canal at the Union Street Bridge this afternoon.  At around 3:20 PM this afternoon, police and firemen had responded and were closing off the bridge to both vehicles and pedestrians.
Gothamist reports that the body was of a fully clothed black male. The body has not yet been identified.

Just received photos of the scene before the police closed the bridge.  ****Please be advised that they are not for the faint of heart. You can access the photos here and here.


Carol Garden said...

This has been a terrible week for the preservation of Gowanus' history. First they knock down abandoned coal silos and now they're removing bodies from the canal. This must be stopped!

Agnes said...

@ Carol Garden - please show some more respect for the deceased. Your comment sickened me.

Anonymous said...

@ Carol Garden- are you asking them to stop removing dead bodies from the canal or for dead bodies to stop appearing?