Monday, April 21, 2014

Met Food Building On Smith Street in Boerum Hill Is For Sale


Reader 'Trumbull Bully' made us aware of the fact that the building housing the Met Food Supermarket at 197 Smith Street between Baltic and Warren Streets is currently on the market. Accoding to Commercial Observer, potential developers have already bid in excess of $20 million for the property.

The 10,000-square-foot one story building, one of the largest on Smith Street, is located in Boerum Hill. Currenlty the property at 197 Smith Street is zoned R6B, with "permits residential and community facility uses to a maximum floor area ratio (FAR) of 2.0. Building heights are limited to 40 feet at the street, with a 50 foot maximum building height after a setback (10 feet on a wide streets, 15 feet on a narrow street."  According to New York City's Department of City Planning, "new development in the proposed R6B district would be required to line up with adjacent structures to maintain the existing street wall characteristics. New multi- family residences must provide one off-street parking space for 50% of dwelling units, which may be waived if 5 or fewer spaces would be required."

The loss of the 1970s simple brick building would not be a big deal, but, as Trumbull points out, the potential loss of yet another 'reasonably priced' supermarket in the neighborhood is a matter of concern, even if that particular store was recently rated one of the five filthiest in Brooklyn .

Let's hope that any new building going up at this location will house a new, improved supermarket on the ground floor.  This neighborhood could certainly use one.

***The post has been revised to indicate that the property was rezoned as  part of the Carroll Gardens Contextual Rezoning by City Planning in 2009. Previously, I had indicated that is was part of the Boerum Hill rezoning, which was approved in 2011.


Rob said...

That's disappointing. Not that I really loved that place but it is the only grocery store in the area if you live east of Smith st.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if the block with C-town on Bond is part of the potential Gowanus rezoning? I wonder if it will survive if so.

Katia said...

Depending what the cross streets for that supermarket, it does look as though it is in the footprint of the 'potential' re-zoning. here is a link to the draft rezoning for Gowanus proposed by City Planning in 2008.

Cynthia said...

Thank you Katia. C-town is between Douglass and Butler so it looks like it is on the area slated for rezoning. I think that may be a block that Brad picked up in the redistricting.

If we have large upscale towers along the canal where are the Americans going to film when the need a stand in for gritty DC?

Anonymous said...

Looking at ZOLA, it looks like that lot is in R6B, not R6A. R6B is less dense - it only allows an FAR of 2.0. It lot also as a commercial overlay, so they can build a lot of shopping.

Katia said...

You might be right. That block may be right at the dividing line between the R6A and R6B zone.

Katia said...

Anonymous, after checking and double-checking, I agree with you. The Met Food property was actually rezoned as part of the Carroll Gardens rezoning. I just revised the post.