Monday, April 14, 2014

Savoia On Smith Street Closed For Good

Savoia, the Italian eatery and wine bar at 277-279 Smith Street has called it quits. Despite a note in the window indicating that the restaurant was "closed today", the signs have been up for more than two weeks now and a neighboring business owner confirmed that the space is now for rent.
Inside the restaurant, all the chairs have been stacked up and equipment has been moved to the front.

For the first few years, the food at Savoia was consistently good. Their brick oven pizza selection was extensive, their focaccia was delicious and their salads offered very interesting pairings. For years, Savoia offered home made gnocchi in a mushroom sauce that were simply amazing, especially accompanied by a glass of Primitivo.
Most of all, Savoia's unpretentious atmosphere made it a great choice for a casual dinner with friends.

Unfortunately, recently, the place seemed empty, even on week-ends.   Will you miss the place? What would you like to see in this space besides another nail place?


Paul Pannone said...

Comments and overall ratings seemed OK, according to Yelp

Anonymous said...

Sad to see them close. It was a relaxed atmosphere for having dinner with a large group of people. A lot of closings recently - also down at the end of Court St Luna Rossa has closed and Pompette seems closed as well. It's too bad.

Matt Fisher said...

They were a solid place to eat outside during warm weather, and had reliable delivery. Shame for them to close.

Martin Rowe said...

Actually, I talked with Linda at Donne Salon, who's married to the owner of Savoia, and things aren't that black and white. They're undergoing remodeling at the moment and things are a bit up in the air, but all is not lost.

Katia said...

Martin, I think many in the neighborhood would love to see Savoia re-open…and soon. Their door has been closed for about three weeks now. Perhaps it is time to change the sign in the window.

Outlaw said...

I am so surprised. It was a very pleasant place. Maybe it wasn't loud or obnoxious enough?

Rob said...

I would imagine it's infinitely harder to run a restaurant in the neighborhood now than it was 15 years ago. With rents skyrocketing you have to have a crowd every night it seems to keep your head above water. If you're brand new you have little time to even build up customers too. With many new places opening and closing all the time it's even hard to settle into a favorite because it most likely won't be there in a few months.

Eric Hancock said...

That is a real loss. I'll miss eating there.

Bhagwant Singh said...

It's open now after seemingly downsizing the restaurant.