Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Best Comment Of The Day: I Find It Curious

Anonymous has left the following comment on the post "Sign Petition To Curb Excessive Construction Noise At Lightstone Group's Mega Development In Gowanus":

"I find it curious that people would try to dissuade our fellow neighbors from circulating a petition and being active community members. Maybe start your own petition advocating Lightstone go back to their original 7AM start time. It became quite clear that without this community engagement, Lightstone would have kept their 7AM start time. If you do not hear the pile driving or your home is not vibrating then you probably don't care and those that don't care might later when they are unable to enroll their child in a nearby school or the subway platform becomes dangerously crowded."

1 comment:

Agnes said...

So right - suspicious why anyone would try to dissuade a petition, be a naysayer to such endeavors. Really makes me want to sign the petition- shows that they really can be powerful. The more true community voice, the better!!!