Thursday, May 22, 2014

"See" Eyewear Opening Soon On Smith Street


Update: See Eyewear is gearing up for their opening on Wednesday, June 11th.

SEE Eyewear, which markets itself as "hip without the rip", will be opening a location at 160 Smith Street.  The chain operates stores nationwide and already has three locations in Manhattan. This will be its first in Brooklyn.
According to the website,  SEE’s "principals utilize their contacts cultivated over decades in the industry. The question they ask? Who is turning out designs that reflect the most forward thinking and unique product? We’re addicted to uncovering hidden gems and little known sources when creating designs. After the design phase, prototypes are sent to SEE for review where they go through another relentless editing process. If it isn’t “special”, it doesn’t make the cut. As a result, SEE’s collection is an eclectic and unique assortment of the best of the best: made exclusively for us. Mass production is a massive no-no at SEE.
Why do we do what we do? Love, pride and good old fashioned snobbery. We like to thumb our nose in the face of criminally overpriced eyewear. We’re not looking for a fight, we’re just saying…"

See Eyewear is ironically taking over the space vacated recently by See U Thai restaurant.


Jim said...

Buyer beware - Just sent an email to the eyewear company to ask where the frames were made. My thinking was that their frames may be made in China, although I did not mention that concern. Richard Golden, the founder, responded back, and I quote, "Answer... I'd like to know who's asking." I responded back saying that I was a potential customer. His next email was, "Our frames are made in many countries...with the vast majority coming out of Europe. Stop in and check us'll love the selection and quality." Make of all that what you will but for me his initial paranoid and unprofessional response immediately sent up a red flag.

JohnnyH said...

OMG!!! SO amazing that my favorite specs store is opening in my neighborhood. I've shopped their stores in the past, both in San Francisco, and in Miami...I own 4 pair of their glasses and when I tell you that I get more compliments on them then I do on a lot of my other more expensive frames!! I even own one thats made in america!! I feel like that is almost unheard of!!!! I haven't had a problem with any of my See eyewear, anytime I need adjustments the staff at the locations I've visited are always more then happy to help! Cant wait till it opens!!!! Don't really understand the other comments because this place has been super great for me and my friends who like me are avid frame connoisseurs !!!! From email coupons being sent showcasing their latest wares, to their well made super stylish frames, plus a great staff??? Im all about the SEE lifestyle!!!!

Jim said...

JohnnyH -

Lol. Nice promotional effort See Eyewear but I can spot you a mile off.

KCL said...

Brianna at See Eyewear on Smith St is the best! When it turned out that they weren't able to deliver my new glasses in time for my daughter's wedding. Brianna from the store called me when they arrived (wedding day) and offered to deliver then to the house and fit the glasses at my home. Not 30 minutes later, and there she was with my great new glasses! She fit them so well that they've been comfortable from minute one all the way to the present, a week and a half later. What great service, and wedding photos just the way I had envisioned them. Thanks, Brianna and See!