Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Nasty Parking Surprise For One Car Owner In Gowanus

These days, finding a parking spot on the streets of South Brooklyn is a stroke of luck.
However, the driver of this red Ford Escape may not have felt quite so lucky yesterday, as the ground seemed to have caved beneath his vehicle. The car was parked on 3rd Avenue between Third Street and First Street at around lunchtime. The front wheel on the driver's side was halfway submerged in a huge pothole that must have opened up after the car had been parked. One of the back wheels had lifting off the roadway as the vehicle had begun to tilt.
I walked past the spot later in the day and the car had been towed. A few traffic cones were placed around the pothole.
Let's see how long it will take the City to fill it.

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Anonymous said...

Streets being undermined by water flow is not uncommon around Gowanus. Seem that rain is the behind these kind of wash-outs, and more intense rains can be blamed.

But given the location at the bottom of the Gowanus drainage basin, down hill from 4th ave, you have to wonder if the development along 4th avenue is also contributing to this sort of ground shifting as new and deeper foundations alter ground water patterns.

Your article is a good reminder to all, especially bikers, to keep a look out for sudden new pot holes especially following a good rainfall.