Tuesday, June 17, 2014

After Robbery, Carroll Gardener Wants Everyone to Remember To Be Alert

Bicycle stolen from Carroll Gardens's building during a robbery yesterday.
(Photo courtesy of C.S.)

Ever so often, we are reminded by fellow Carroll Gardens residents that break-ins and robberies do happen in our relatively safe neighborhood.  Reader C.S. just informed us about a break-in in his building on 4th Place yesterday.  A police report has been filed.
C.S. writes:

My wife and I moved to the Carroll Gardens area in the fall of last year. As an avid reader and one who likes to stay current on local news, I came across your blog online and have been reading it since. Keep up the great work!

Not sure what information makes its way to a story on your blog but I have noticed (now first hand) and by word of mouth of the increase in robberies/burglaries in our area.

Just yesterday between 2:30-7:30 on 4th Place b/w Court and Smith I became a victim as well. Someone made their way into our building which is secured by 2 locked double front doors, proceeded up to the 4th floor of a walk-up, located my bike in the hallway and left the premises with it. A police report has since been filed.

I hope that my story plus enclosed picture (its a red men's TREK Mountain Track 820 with Kyrptonite U-Lock) can make others aware of the recent incident and be a sounding board to re-insure that valuables should always be locked up, doors are not left open, and for everyone to always be on alert in the area.

I hope that the 76th Precinct can help re-unite C.S. with his bike. In the meantime, we should all follow his advice and stay alert.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to take a contrarian view here, that I imagine will not be popular: we live in AMAZING times when the story a SINGLE mid- to low-range bike being nicked is worthy of a story about neighborhood crime.

Congrats to Mayor Bloomberg and Commishes Kelly and Bratton for this ringing endorsement of their legacies!

Anonymous said...

A bicycle in a hallway surely violates fire code, no?

Carol Garden said...

Is this person kidding? He routinely left an unlocked, expensive bicycle (that had a kryptonite type lock mounted to a bracket on the bike frame but that was negligently not in use at the time of the theft) in the common hallway of a multi-tenant building where non-residents routinely travel, and he's claiming that the theft of his bike is an indicator that crime is increasing in our neighborhood. It's really only an indicator of his negligence. That bike was eventually going to be stolen regardless of the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

1) Fire code violation

2) Even though Carroll Gardens is for the most part safe, all of it's appeal and high rents make it a target for crime

3) Maybe your Kryptonite should have been locked around your wheel and bike frame, even in a hall behind double locked doors. That's the kind of thing criminals hope for - unsecured valuables.

Anonymous said...

someone goes to all the trouble to go through 2 locked doors to get into hallway for a bicycle --but doesn't bother entering any apartments?
something doesn't add up

Anonymous said...

Lock or no lock, it is he thief fault for stealing. He makes the decision to steal someone else's property.

Rob said...

Love the blame the victim pile on. Great to see the a-hole contingent making sure people know just how undesirable you people are as neighbors.

If any of you are considering moving out the neighborhood please do. I'll even help you move just as long as you promise never to come back.

Doug S. said...

After having to move away from Carroll Gardens, my home for 25 years, I used to visit Pardon Me For Asking all the time to keep tabs with the neighborhood I loved. Now, sadly, I visit this site to read the bilious trolling in the comments in order to feel somewhat better about having moved away from you awful people.

Anonymous said...

There was a red trek attached to a post outside the newish looking appartment building on Union St. between Smith and Court last night at about 9 pm. Looked exactly the same, but it had handlebar extenders fitted, so may not be the same bike.