Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Best Comment Of The Day: Keeping DEP On Task

Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "DEP Commissioner Lloyd At Last Night's Gowanus Canal Superfund CAG meeting: "We Intend To Comply" With EPA.  But New Letter From DEP To EPA Indicates More Stalling:

It is good to be hopeful that the DEP is on board with doing the needed work. It is also good to be vigilant in keeping them on task.

Ms. Lloyd was DEP commissioner years ago, under Bloomberg, when in 2004 the DEP announced the projected to rehab the Flushing Tunnel and Force Main. Money budgeted and it was scheduled to be completed in 2 years. Then the DEP came back to the community to inform all that the project was pulled, with funds moved elsewhere. The canal work was delayed for years. That project is expected to be completed this fall.

( It's hard not to think that if the DEP stuck to their original schedule for that work back in 2004, the canal might never have been suggested for a Superfund Cleanup. Maybe we should be thanking Ms Lloyd for that past delay? )

We are where we are today. Let's move on and get this task done. It's time to stop all dumping of sewage (which includes storm water) into the waterway.

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