Monday, June 30, 2014

Bike Accident At The Corner Of Smith Street And President Street Tonight

Photo credit: Karla H.

Reader Karla just sent me the photos above of a bicyclist who was injured on Smith Street right in front of Rte Aid at President Street at around 7:30 PM. Karla writes:

"Apparently the driver of a parked car opened his door as a bike was coming down the bike lane. People called 911 and FDNY took him. Wonder what hospital. That's all I know. Luckily he had a helmet but it looked like his shoulder was injured."

Glad the rider was wearing a helmet, but I am constatntly amazed that such accidents don't happen more often.  Let's hope this bicyclist will be all right.

Thanks for letting us know, Karla.


Anonymous said...

the fear of getting doored is what's preventing me from buying a bike. cycling in new york doesn't feel safe.

Daniel said...

Watch those doors, people. You don't know it when you're in your car, but those doors can be lethal weapons in the wrong hands.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this driver ever looks before opening their door. It appears they are stopped pretty far from the curb too. If so, it's just reckless and hope they get charged. Offering a sorry to someone they've injured when there are clear guidelines for opening one's door isn't enough, people have to take responsibility for their actions and the city needs to identify those who are acting in a reckless manner and if deemed necessary put them back in driver's school.

Anonymous said...

projectroadrush - come on, as someone who drives AND bikes, opening a car door without seeing a bike rider is not reckless.

Anonymous said...

Section 1214 of the NY State Vehicle and Traffic Law: Opening and closing vehicle doors-

"No person shall open the door of a motor vehicle on the side available to moving traffic unless and until it is reasonably safe to do so, and can be done without interfering with the movement of other traffic, nor shall any person leave a door open on the side of a vehicle available to moving traffic for a period of time longer than necessary to load or unload passengers."

This law covers opening a car door into the path of an oncoming cyclist (among other things).

Anonymous said...

Curious if the photographer asked dude if she could take the picture. Seems a bit intrusive if not.

Sam Ulster said...

It continues to get more dangerous to ride a bike. It is almost impossible to predict that someone will open a car door. I am thinking it makes sense for the driver to look around first before opening the door. A shame to see this accident.

bored at work said...

@ anonymous 9:18 am

Not only is dooring "reckless" it is illegal and dangerous to cyclists and other vehicles, too. It is certainly irresponsible, too. All it takes is the time to look before opening one's door to make sure a cyclist or another vehicle isnt there.

I commute to work on a daily basis and being doored is what scares me the most. I drive too and while I always try to look first, I sometimes open first. Its a bad habit that we all need to get rid of.

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

This type of accidents, or accidents in general with bikes and motorcycles seem to happen when the weather gets nicer. It's like people have to remind themselves of all our 2 wheeled friends on the road. Takes getting used to it again. Unfortunately, there is casualties to the reminder.