Friday, June 20, 2014

Gowanus Beauty

photo 3
photo 2-2
photo 1-2
Photos by Maryann Young

These wonderful photos were taken not in a nature preserve but right here in Gowanus.
They were sent to me by my wonderful friend Maryann yesterday, who shot them from Whole Foods Gowanus.
Thanks for sharing, Maryann.

I am a bit unclear on whether this is a great egret or a white heron.  Does anyone know?

Friend Eymund was able to identify the bird for us.  he writes:
"I think technically bird is a great white egret (Ardea alba or Casmerodius alba) but is also called a great white heron in Europe, so both name seem to be acceptable. They are sometimes confused with young, or morph form of (white) Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias)
It should have a greenish streak around the eyes and black legs. Their breeding plumage used to be popular for hats.
Some pics are attached of what is probably the same bird from the Gowanus Challenge canoe race."

Thanks, Eymund.

Photos by Eymund Diegel

Reader Karla Held wrote to say that she had spotted swans in the Gowanus a while back and sent the two photos below.  
Very cool. Thanks, Karla

Photos by Karla Held

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Anonymous said...

Egrets are not like this. Most likely a heron.