Thursday, June 05, 2014

More Gowanus For Sale: Statewide Fireproof Door Company Building Now On Market

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The commercial building which has housed the Statewide Fireproof Door Company in Gowanus for decades has recently been placed on the market.  Pinnacle Realty has the listing for the 40, 350 SQ FT property at 125-137 3rd Street near Bond Street.

The listing describes the "prime property"as being "on the Gowanus / Carroll Gardens border."  "Neighbors Include: Whole Foods, Hotel Le Bleu, Dinosaur BBQ, Barclays Center, Lightstone, Brooklyn Builders."

Further details in the listing below:
Zoning District: M2-1
Block: 462
Lots: 42, 44, 6 & 8
FAR: Commercial 2.0
Total Buildable SF: Commercial 40,350 SF
Combined Bldg SF: 16,850 SF
Combined Lot Size: 20,175 SF
Combined R.E. Taxes: $49,423.55
Near Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
Gowanus Expressway
Subways: 2, 3, 4, 5, N, Q, R, B, D, G

No price has been listed.According to its web site, Statewide Fireproof Door Company was founded in May 1965. For the past 40 years, it has been "manufacturing the best steel door in the fire business."


Becky said...

That is sad. I love their painted signs! You didn't get a photo of my favorite: it says Statewide Fireproof in sort of a faux-Hebrew lettering font.

Katia said...

I'll look for it and will take a photo next time I will walk by.

Anonymous said...

And I have bought many a door.

Hope they are just moving as they cash in.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if developers have been given some type of assurances, even a wink and a nudge, that the area will definitely be rezoned. Every time I have participated in one of Brad Lander's Bridging Gowanus meeting I've left feeling I've been played for a fool and there is a plan already in place but only the real estate industry and politicians know what the plan is. The community certainly has no idea. Or at least the community members who live and work in Gowanus. The developers's reps that have also been participating may be another matter.

Anonymous said...

@6:01 well said. I have not had the stomach to go to any "Bridging Gowanus" mtgs. But didn't they just have the last one? Isn't there some"conclusion or consensus vision supposed to come out of this? What do you want to bet it will just be a tool for rezoning the bejesus out of Gowanus? Rigged from the get-go.

Anonymous said...

So, is Gowanus going to turn into one big 4th Avenue with nothing but generic looking high-rise apartments? Could this happen? There are so many old warehouses scattered about the Gowanus/eastern Carroll Gardens area, I worry that they'll all be sold, torn-down and turned into condos, overwhelming the area, especially after the massive Lighthouse project is completed. I'm all for change just not a sea change (pun intended).
The dismantling of the Kentile Floors sign, I feel signals the end of the warehouse/commercial era for the area and on to high-rise apts.

Anonymous said...

@11:56. There has been very little transparency so far. At most of these meetings people have been placed into smaller working groups so who knows what transpires in each group. So far, Brad Lander has been unwilling to answer questions about the process and it is HIS process.

At the meeting at Wycoff people were asked to place stickers on things that were most important to them. That was one of the few things that was transparent. A hydrology study for the canal was one if the top choices if not the top choice. Despite this, we have heard nothing further. I think there already is a plan and Lander and Pratt will make sure the community gets to the same place.

Anonymous said...

Gowanus was pivotal in the American Revolution - the people need another revolution against business as usual politicians and developers who only view Gowanus as an opportunity to exploit regardless of what cost to the community and community needs and wants. Hey, it is in a flood zone, has a lot of toxic land (Public Place site, for example), is in a hurricane evacuation route (anyone remember Sandy?) Yet you want to put dense population there? Irresponsible, if not downright criminal. Why aren't we getting a hydrology study?

Anonymous said...

There is an even more disturbing story here, if the owner is being totally forthright.
He says that he is being closed by the NYState Workmen's Compensation Bureau because of clerical errors which he has tried to clear up by
going to Albany, himself, and also contacting local pols. He says he attempted to hire a lawyer, but that the case was so complicated that it would have cost too much.

Of course, he's going to collect a bundle from the property - but this isa tragedy for the workers and for a future industrial presence on the Gowanus.

Anonymous said...

I know them well, good people and from what I understand by having a workers comp code changed their rates were raised to an obscene level basically ensuring their demise, sad it'll end on those terms. Good thing the state promotes new businesses to be tax free for ten years. Get ready for another condo.

Rob said...

I imagine they've had some people making offers for that property for a while. Now with Whole Foods just down the street it makes all those warehouses around Bond and Third even more desirable.

I don't know if this has ever been brought up at those Gowanus meetings but with all the new housing going in on this side of the canal the F train is going to start looking more and more like the L soon.

Anonymous said...

Sad but true Statewide Fireproof Doors will be closing its doors on June 30th, 2014.