Friday, June 13, 2014

New Montessori School Opening In Former Paris Court Theatre In Cobble Hill


The façade of the former Paris Court movie theatre at 292 Court Street between DeGraw Street and Kane Street in Cobble Hill still retains quite a few details of its past, though it has not been used as a theatre for quite a few decades. For quite a long time the building housed the Amico Day Care Center, which offered pre-school, universal pre-kindergarten and after-school care for kids 2.6 to 12 years old. Payment for the program was adjusted on a sliding scale according to income and number of children per family enrolled. When the program lost funding a few years back, Amico closed its doors.
Shortly afterwards, the approximately 15,700 SF commercial space was listed by Cpex for $500,000/year NNN lease.

Recently, a reader pointed out that the For Rent signs now said "leased". When a scaffolding was erected about two weeks ago, I checked the NYC Department of Buildings site. New permits have been filed by S&S Architectural Design LLC for Le Port Montessori Schools.
A quick Google search revealed that Le Port Montessori Schools is a private school with branches in Irvine, Huntington Beach, Palos Verdes, and San Francisco, California.

The school's web site confirms that it is in the process of opening a new program in Cobble Hill.

"We are excited to announce that we plan to launch a LePort Montessori program in Brooklyn in 2015. We have signed an initial agreement on a potential school site in the Cobble Hill neighborhood. Assuming all goes according to plan, this school could open as early as January of 2015. In parallel, we’re investigating other sites in different Brooklyn neighborhoods. Our goal is to open an elementary program within two years starting the preschool, so families don’t have to switch schools until middle school or beyond. (Several of our California schools go through sixth or eight grade.)"

This should help with the lack of school seats in the neighborhood. Though this may only be an option for those with deeper pockets, it is nice to note that Le Port does offer financial aid to those who qualify.


Anonymous said...

sounds like good news to me; there is a shortage of schools for lower grades, and Montessori philosophy is good. Strange that there is another Montessori shoot almost across the street. I suppose there is more than enough business to go around. Too bad that it is an expensive private school, but that is the direction the neighborhood is going anyway. People with money.

Mario said...

Yeah, It's totally cool that only people with money can send their kids to school in the neighborhood. That's the way things are going here. And if you want to eat you should probably leave since only expensive artisan markets are available for you. That's the way things are going here. Sorry you lost your apartment, that's the way things are going here.