Monday, June 09, 2014

Savoia, Downsized But Open Once More On Smith Street

When Savoia, the Italian eatery and wine bar on Smith Street closed its doors this past April, many in the neighborhood considered it a real loss. The restaurant was knows for its relaxed atmosphere, great brick oven pizza, and wonderful wine list.

When Savoia first opened a few years back, it occupied the storefront at 277 Smith Street. The business proved so popular that the owners quickly expanded into the commercial space next door at Number 279 Smith Street. But lately,  the place looked less busy, and when the doors closed in April, it appeared as though it was the end for the eatery.

I am happy to report that Savoia just recently re-opened, though the restaurant was downsized back into its original space. I stopped by on Saturday and confirmed that the owner is still the same.  The fire was lit in the brick oven, and the staff was ready to serve brunch.
Glad to see that it's back.  How about you?


Anonymous said...

Attention Italian food lovers! Do you love Italian food? Well, have I got the place for you. There’s a new spot in the neighb that I just discovered called Savoia. They’ve got everything you could want in an authentic Italian restaurant, like antipasti, pizza (which they spell with an “e” – pizze – how cute) and something that I just discovered called I Primi, which from what I can tell means “pasta.” I went to this new restaurant a few days ago and was thoroughly pleased with my meatless food. I started with the scamorza & anchovy crostini, which wasn’t too anchovy-y for those aren’t the biggest fans. I then had the pizza (or is it pizze?) rustica, which was amazing until I realized that soppressata is meat. After that experience, I cut the night short with the warm chocolate cake. This is a must for any chocolate lover like myself. It was very warmy, super chocolatey, and ultra cakey. The entire time I sipped a “Bellini” which is a new drink my new friend (the bartender) Andre created with an Italian sparkling wine that I just discovered called prosecco and peach puree. So refreshing! It’s my new summer drink. I can’t forget about the ambiance, which is super homey and comfy with a dash of firey (there’s a super cute wood stove in the back!). All in all the night was great (after the run-in with meat) and I would definitely come back to this new spot. I certainly see it staying in the neighb for a while, and once the cool kids discover it, good luck getting a table on a Saturday night!

Anonymous said...

A new restaurant going in to the old Izakaya place on Smith between Warren and Wyckoff. Don't know what but there are Buildings Dept permits on the building, also just heard Aji 53, right next door, is closing this week.

Anonymous said...

"Bellini" a new drink??? It's been around since the 30's at Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy.

Biraz Turk said...

Savoia is wonderful. So glad it hasn't gone. The food is very authentic and the atmosphere is friendly and charming at the same time. After our last trip to Italy we headed to Savoia for lunch and felt like we were still there.

Julian said...

Yep, my wife and I are both thrilled that Savoia is back in business. Talked to the owner the other day and he said the rent was too high to keep both spaces.

Anonymous said...

@10;28pm is either a simpleton or a very creative genius.

harold bachs tabber said...

methinks our first commentator is having a bit of a laugh. taking the piss out of us.