Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Dangerous Potholes In Bicycle Lane On Smith Street

PMFA reader Andrew shot us an email with the photos above to point out that there are some rather deep potholes in the bicycle lane on Smith Street that could potentially be dangerous.  He writes:

"In light of the cyclist that was injured on Smith Street a few days ago. I thought you should know about this and perhaps you can figure out who to contact to get the problem fixed. I've had no luck with the Department of Transportation. There are several very dangerous potholes on Smith Street some of them in the bike lanes which would cause a cyclist to swerve out into traffic. There are also other potholes close to the curb that make a car jet out if you're parked in that space and the wheel is in the pothole. These two are in front of 311 Smith St. and 319 Smith St. [between President and Union Streets] There are also many others along the way down to Atlantic Avenue."

I have noticed some real craters in the bike lane and at the pedestrian crossing on Smith Street between First Place and Carroll Street myself.  Obviously, calling D.o.T. is not enough.  Andrew reports that he will reach out to Councilman Brad Lander's office.  Hopefully that will have some effect.

I think we all understand that last winter was unkind to our roadways, but some of our streets are in a deplorable state and are getting worse. Let us put some pressure on the City to fix these and other potholes in the neighborhood by calling 311 and by calling Councilman  Lander.  The number to his district office is 718 499 1090.


Anonymous said...

Surprising that DOT has not reacted. I have called in pothole complaints to 311 and have seen them filled up inside of a week.

Anonymous said...

I have also called in potholes to 311. They were filled very quickly.