Monday, July 07, 2014

Pardonnez-Moi, But I'll Be In France For A While

The Auvergne, France
The small French village in the Auvergne, where I will spend the next few weeks
The village church
The house that has been in my family for the past 43 years.

As many of you know, every year, I spend a few summer weeks in a small village in the Auvergne region of France,  where my family has owned an old stone farm house.  My parents bought the place in 1971, when I was just a small girl, so the place holds many memories.  Now, my own children are grown up and have formed the same attachment to the house, the village and the neighbors who live there full time.
I love Brooklyn, but I must admit that I am never as happy as when I am there.

I am once again on my way to our house. This year, I'll be stopping in Norway for a few days before continuing to France.

I will be blogging throughout my stay in Europe.  I would love it if you visit often and leave comments.
I promise I will be back in Brooklyn soon.  Please feel free to send me news of home.


Margaret said...

I look forward to your yearly summer visits to your family home and I love how you always take us with you. Thank you, Katia. I know there will be a picture of some fresh bread coming up soon - and wines, and the work you and Glen are doing there, and walks in the countryside, and some market shopping, and visits with friends... I hope the time goes very slowly for you...

Katia said...

Thank you so much, Margaret. Yes, bread and cheese coming up. So far, I had Turkish food in Düsseldorf and Couscous in an Algerian restaurant in Marseille.
I will have French food for a long time, so I am getting my fix of ethnic food now.

Mrs. G said...

Greeting Katia,

And away we go! Can't wait to travel with you - right here from my computer. Safe travels all around and come back safe my friend!

Katia said...

You are too cute, Genevieve. Wish you could travel along for real. I think we would have a blast.