Thursday, September 04, 2014

A Moment In Time: First Day Back To School

This morning, in front of PS 58 on Smith Street at Carroll Street.
How I remember the first day of school of my own kids, way back.  The Carroll School was a very different place back then, but just as wonderful.

Who remembers Ms. Bell,  Mrs. Klapper, Mrs. Marvin, Mr. Ringston, Mrs. Donner, Ms. Bornstein, Mr. Leviton,  Ms. Shiripa, Mrs, Horvat and of course, Principal Leff and all the other great teachers who taught there a while back?
I owe them much gratitude for all they did for my kids.

Who do you remember from your school days at PS58?


Anonymous said...

Ms. Shiripa just retired last June!

Katia said...

I heard. She was my son's third grade teacher.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Klapper was my 1st grade teacher and Mrs. Horvat in the 6th grade. Mrs. Dondero was my teacher for 2nd and 4th grade. One of my findest memories was when she sent me to the principle (Mrs. Sehoff's) office because I got 100% on every paper for the whole year and they announced it over the loud speaker. Great memories at P.S. 58