Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Baba's Pierogies To Open On Third Avenue In Gowanus

Interior. photo credit: Baba's Pierogies
Gowanus is about to get a new lunch and dinner option.  Baba's Pierogies will soon open at  295 3rd Avenue, between First Street and Carroll Street.  The eatery's menu will be "designed around the pierogi".

Whether fried or steamed, this Eastern European comfort food will probably be well received in the neighborhood.

Check Baba's Pierogies' website or Facebook page for information on the grand opening. In the meantime, you can whet your appetite by clicking on the restaurant's You Tube clip above.

The restaurant's name and the video seem to indicate that there is actually a Baba (or grandmother) involved, which would be very cool.


JE said...

Did you see that Bombay Dream on Smith Street is rebranding Katia? Looks like they're gutting the place - called Ramna now. Says they're serving "Indian and Bangladeshi Cuisine" - did Bombay Dream have Bangladeshi on the menu, too? Or is this a new place altogether?

Katia said...

JE, I saw that they were redoing the front of the restaurant, but did not know they were changing the name as well. Will check it out. Thanks.