Monday, September 22, 2014

Gowanus Community Represented At People's Climate March

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In the midst of the 300,000+ people who attended the People's Climate March this past Sunday in Manhattan were members of the Gowanus Community.
Their signs reminded of Hurricane Sandy, the fact that most of the neighborhood is in Flood Zone A and that global warming will have a huge impact on the area.
It was quite impressive how many fellow marchers who had come from all over the country, seemed to respond or ask about the Gowanus.
Obviously, there is national interest in the area. No doubt, the community is a poster child for all the issues associated with climate change.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for going to the climate march,can't believe over 300,000 participants right on New York

Anonymous said...

Gowanus is such a part of the bigger climate change picture. Sea level land in the densely used urban community, it is already feeling the impacts of heaver rainfall and storms. If you embrace sound urban planning for the area, we may find our community with many more un-inhabitable homes and no where for all those additional residents to go as the ocean continues to encroach.