Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ricky's (Halloween?) Coming To Smith Street Soon

Posters in the storefront window at 209 Smith Street between Baltic and Butler Streets indicate that Ricky's will be moving in soon.  This may be a temporary location for the chain, since the posters include the link to the store's Halloween costume and accessory site.
The nearest Ricky's haircare and make-up shop is located at 107 Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights.

Thanks to both Bob and Donald for alerting us to the opening. Donald wrote: "The recent loss of Met Food means that 3 of the 4 stores on that intersection are currently vacant, so it's good to see some activity."

The storefront was the home of Faan, an Asian fusion restaurant for ten years. It was replaced by the short-lived Burger on Smith, which closed in May 2013.
The space has been for rent ever since. It is currently still listed by Thor Equities, which would support the assumption that this will be a seasonal pop-up store for Ricky's.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Smith Street has become a failing mall.

Rob said...

I suppose they must be having trouble finding someone who can afford the rent at that place.