Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Some Summer Openings, Closings And One Re-Opening In And Around Carroll Gardens

There were quite a few openings, closings and one re-opening in and around the neighborhood during the summer months that you may have missed, if like me, you have been traveling.
Here are just a few. If you can add to the list, let us know.

Eton now closed at 359 Sackett Street

After more than 5 years in the neighborhood, Eton, the neighborhood go-to dumpling spot, has closed its doors at 359 Sackett Street at the end of July.
In a farewell letter taped to the eatery's storefront, owner Eton Chan explains that his frozen dumplings will be available at local grocery stores starting this month.  That's good to know.
Eton encourages people to stay in touch through the eatery's Facebook page, though it does not seem to have been updated in quite some time.
If any readers happen to spot Eton dumplings in a local store, please share the info.

Bizio and Soci Boutique at 308 Court Street Now Open
Bizio and Soci, a new men's and women's apparel boutique opened earlier this summer at 308 Court Street, in the storefront formerly occupied by Gloria Flower Shop.
The boutique seems to be an outpost for a clothing store called Made in Heaven, located in Rome, Italy.
Glad to see that they left Gloria's great tile floor.
Has anyone checked it out?

New Kimchi Grill On Smith Street At 9th Street Gets Great Reviews
Kimchi Grill,  a relatively new Korean BBQ place located at 478 Smith Street at the corner of 9th Street is getting some pretty awesome reviews on Yelp.  The eatery was opened by Phillip Lee, known for his popular Kimchi Taco food truck.  Most people seem to have discovered the new eatery on their way back by shuttle from Ikea Red Hook.
The prices seem pretty reasonable.  Check out their menu here.
Put this one on your 'must try' list for this fall.

The Re-Opening Of Mastellone's At 303 Court Street . It's Now Called Carroll Gardens Market
Many were sorry to see Mastellone's, an old-fashioned, family-owned Italian deli/ superette close last summer. It was replaced by Big Apple Gourmet, a produce store owned by Billy Solmaz, who also runs Pacific Green, a popular Cobble Hill store at 303 Court Street at Pacific Street.
After less than a year, Big Apple Gourmet called it quits in April 2014.

Carroll Gardens Market opened at this location at the beginning of August. Apparently, it is run by Mastellone family, who owned the original Italian deli.

I popped into the new Carroll Gardens Market over the week-end. In addition to produce and the usual deli selection, the market also offers fresh meat.


Anonymous said...

The Met Food on Smith and Baltic closed. Ugly Duckling, Ssam and Red Star all opened on Smith between Warren and Wyckoff.

Cynthia said...

They also have prepared foods which will be familiar to many who missed Mastellones such as eggplant Parmesan, lasagna, bruschetta, roasted peppers, potato croquettes, and a variety of salads. Vinny was making sausage and peppers. Everyone I've seen leaving the store has been smiling.

Anonymous said...

i may have missed something, but i went to THE NUTBOX 2 weeks ago & they were all shuttered.

Katia said...

Yes, I think Nutbox closed. It was a while ago. Perhaps in June?

Anonymous said...

Seersucker also closed, much to my dismay. It's been replaced by Nightingale 9, which relocated from just down the street. In Nightingale 9's old location is a new casual southern restaurant, Wilma Jean.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see Eton go, but happy to have Kimchi Grill. Carroll Gardens Market has mostly been a miss, due to living next door and them having a constant pile of garbage outside. Asking them to remove it has done no good.

Anonymous said...

Carroll Gardens Market is making the same familiar mistakes as the last place. they are unsure of what they want to be and so they are disorganized. on the gourmet side they are as expensive as union market so they compete. on the produce side...not even in the same league as K&Y's quality or prices. a plus was they used to sell Juniors cheesecakes... not anymore. i'm sensing another 6 months and done. i really wanted this to work out. would love to see a reasonable meat market, like Mastellone's was, minus the occasional rotten chicken.

Katia said...

I have to say that I agree with your assessment.

angcarola said...

What is happening at Henry and 4th? Used to be a very run down market and seems like some young guys are renovating.

Katia said...

I'll check it out. Thanks.