Monday, October 27, 2014

A Look At The Newly Remodeled D'Amico Coffee On Court Street

Joan d'Amico with long time customer Marilyn Oliva
Great news for all those Carroll Gardeners who have had to wake up without d'Amico coffee for the last two months.  Everyone's favorite neighborhood coffee roaster/ deli at 309 Court street re-opened it's doors this past Wednesday after an extensive renovation.  The store now has a brand new layout and seems so much bigger than before.
The most important part of this make-over is that the brand new Dietrich coffee roaster , which was delivered back in May,  has found a spot in the back of the store. You may remember that d'Amico stopped roasting coffee when their old machine caught fire back in 2012. And of course, there was that pesky neighbor who insisted on calling 311 to complain about the roasting smell.
That's all behind Joan and Frank d'Amico now. The third generation, family-owned business, which has been operating in this space since 1948,  is now ready for the few decades.



Anonymous said...

I'm glad they finally cleaned up the store. It was in pretty sad shape and needed a total overhaul. I went in there only once (living in CG for 60 years), and saw a live roach on the counter. I walked out and never went back. The new set up should be much easier to keep clean.

neil said...

Fantastic! We've been anxiously waiting for the big reveal, and it looks great. Joan and Frank have been so kind as to tide us over until they reopened, but we're down to our last few servings. Will visit soon!

Anonymous said...

That first comment was totally unnecessary.
The place was all about coffee. Nothing more. Newbies complained about the roasting smells. I miss it.
This is the only non-Stumptown style coffee in form and function. Thankfully people who want normally prepared drop coffee. I am glad to see they kept part of the old sign.
Although their "designer" should be prepared to resurface that tile: one stray bean under foot and boom! It will be very slick in wet weather also. Better buy a rubber mat or two.
In any event they are nice people. Good product. The sign is too big, but, not their hospitality. Here's to another 60 yrs.

Anonymous said...

The new renovation looks good. I'm looking forward to checking it out soon to get my fix.

Anonymous said...

Looks great, and long overdue. Long live D'Amico!!

Margaret said...

Did anyone mention their great sandwiches??!!!