Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Former Nino's Pizzeria On Henry Street To Become Carroll Gardens Gourmet Deli

Who remembers Nino's Pizzeria at 531 Henry Street, at the corner of Union Street? Their pizza was pretty darn great and the eatery was a real neighborhood hangout for decades.
When I first moved into the neighborhood as a newlywed thirty years ago, my husband introduced me to the place.  He had already been living on Union Street for ten years, and I truly believe that he must have stopped to eat at Nino's every other day.
Nino's brothers worked behind the counter and always greeted everyone with a big hello.  At lunch time, the place was packed with officers from the 76th Precinct just down the block.  It was a booming business.  In the late 80s, Nino's expanded the business into the storefront next door at number 529 Henry Street, but in 2007, Nino sold the business.
Franscesco's Trattoria took over.  Just recently, the new business downsized into number 529 Henry Street, leaving the original Nino's Pizza storefront empty.

Many in Carroll Gardens still miss Nino's.  I am one of them.  Luckily,  Nino's brother Vinny, went on to open  a very successful Italian restaurant on Smith Street.

A reader recently alerted me to the fact that the old space will soon become a deli.  It's good to see some activity at that corner.  The new business will be called "Carroll Gardens Deli" and will serve breakfast and lunch sandwiches, smoothies and organic beverages.

A blast from the past.
The corner of Henry Street and Union Street in the 1970s.
Nino's can be seen in the upper left hand corner.
photo courtesy of Lost City

529 and 531 Henry Street in 2011, when both storefronts were occupied by Francesco's


Anonymous said...

More food. Not much foot traffic but whatever. Would be nice to see Amiche's again. That was across the street.

Katia said...

Yes, Amiche was where Bar Bruno is now.

chance bliss said...

the neighborhood actually gets a LOT of foot traffic. i live on this block.

with bar bruno's, la cigogne, brooklyn farmacy, and mazzola's, of course, not to mention lucali's down the road, and take root + veksler's down the other road, there are a lot of businesses that draw in visitors and locals.

we see (and hear) them every night, when the restaurants close - and the customers make their way home (or to the next stop).

tr said...

Wasn't the place where Bar Bruno is now called D'Amico's?