Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Is 'Amazon Fresh' Staking Out Turf In Carroll Gardens?

Photo credit: Maryann Y.

Earlier this month, it was announced that  'Amazon Fresh' is coming to Brooklyn.  Obviously, the grocery delivery service has begun to stake out turf in Carroll Gardens. Yesterday, four Amazon Fresh trucks were parked in close proximity to each other on Court Street.  Two of the trucks were stationed directly in front of Union Market, the neighborhood's gourmet supermarket. That probably was not unintentional.
The bright green vehicles did not seem to be out for delivery. Rather, it appeared that they were just parked there to advertise the service.

Amazon Fresh offers free same-day and early morning deliveries for orders of $65.  For a limited time, all Amazon Prime members in eligible zip codes in the New York metro area can use AmazonFresh for free. (I just tried and the 11231 zip code is eligible.)

In addition to pantry staples, fresh produce and prepared food, Amazon Fresh also offers products from local shops and restaurants like Red Hook Lobster and Calexico.

Obviously, Amazon Fresh will give Fresh Direct some competition. But what effect will it have on our neighborhood grocery stores?
Will you try the service or will you continue to frequent Carroll Gardens' brick-and-mortar businesses?


Anonymous said...

Noisy with noxious fumes. Thought new generation cared bout the environment....I guessed wrong. How sad.

Anonymous said...

it will only effect Fresh Direct's business. You are either an online grocery shopper, or you are not.

Katia said...

Good point. Personally, I still rather let myself be inspired by fresh food and produce at the local store to plan my dinners. Little images on the computer screen don't do it for me.

Anonymous said...

There are things that I like to stock up on or purchase in one fell swoop like milk, juice, water, canned goods and other staples. For me using the delivery of Key Food and Met was key since I own neither car nor cart. I use Fresh Direct and have no moral qualms about the trucks whatsoever. I know people who are also happy with Peapod which is Shoprite's online delivery service.

Anonymous said...

i never use such services but wonder what are they saying about delivering made to order "brands" like Calexico and or Lobster Pound.
Lazy, new condo transplants dont know how to shop face to face. and in this neighborhood ther's enough variety: fish, meat, bread etc. whatever people will do what they want and thats fine.

Rob said...

It makes sense considering the neighborhood doesn't really have much options in grocery stores with the exception of small specialty places. Now that Met is gone all you have is an even smaller Met on the west side of CG and the small C-Town over on Bond St. That's it. Trader Joe's is fine and I like it but for me it's a hike to walk there and it's always crowded and always long lines. I'm not much of a fan of Whole Foods. At this point it feels like you have to shop three different places just to go grocery shopping and that kind of sucks.

Anonymous said...

It is now very hard to get basic staples in the neighborhood with the Met closed. Places like Union Market don't have things like Eggo Waffles :)