Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Story Behind The Small Gingerbread House At 351 Court Street in Carroll Gardens

For the past few years, a small gingerbread house has been displayed in front of 351 Court Street between Union and President Streets during the holiday season. I have taken photographs of it and posted them on PMFA in the past, wondering who had made it.
Well, I now have the answer.  A few days ago, I received an email from Carroll Gardener Gordon Hawkins, the person behind this charming little house, which is his "Christmas gift to the kids...young and old."
He writes:
"I've done it for a few years. The past few years, it had its roof smashed, then repaired and hit again. So I retired it. Undaunted, I made a new one, more intricate and elaborate.
This year's version has a lit Christmas tree inside and tiny colored lights around the eves of the roof. Check it out at night.
The kids were great.   I'd hang about and listen. I didn't have the clear skylight last year and the kids would look into the windows and see the scene inside. The parents, unaware of it, had to be brought up to speed by the kids. "But Mommy, look in through the windows. Santa is inside." It was heart warming.
Something about looking in through the windows at it.. makes it more real in a voyeuristic way for them. Hence more house items this year... couch and fireplace and art on the walls, curtains.
Maybe we can get through the holidays with out the Grinches bothering it.  HA ha …"

Thank you, Gordon, for bringing joy and wonder to the kids in the neighborhood.  The house is absolutely adorable.  I hope it makes it through the season without damage.

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Tiffany Place said...

Very Cool. I can't say I've noticed it before but will definitely look for the house now.

Speaking of its location, is 16 Handles defunct?
I don't think I've seen it open since Thanksgiving?