Friday, January 23, 2015

Local Residents Report "Insane Noise And Vibration" From Pile Driving At Sterling's 345 Carroll Street Construction Site

Rendering of the Sterling Equities condo development under construction at 345 Carroll Street
The past few months have been hell for Gowanus residents who live next to the Lightstone Group construction site near Bond Street between Carroll Street and Second Street. Between the toxic smells from the environmental remediation at 363-365 Bond Street, the idling trucks, and the pile driving, their lives have been greatly affected.

If that was not bad enough, residents now have to deal with construction right down the block at 345 Carroll Street where Sterling Equities is erecting a 32 -unit luxury condominium building.
A few days ago, pile driving has begun at the 345 Carroll Street site and neighboring buildings are shaking.
PMFA has received a few emails on the subject. This one is from Reader R, who writes :
"I was wondering if anyone had reached out to tell you about the insane noise and vibration being experienced by the work done at 345 Carroll Street.
I live up the road and my house is literately vibrating plus the noise is deafening. It sounds like they are driving piles into the ground.
Happy for you to mention this on the blog, I would like to see if others have had the same issue."

Two other residents in nearby buildings reported that yesterday, the shaking and pounding noise from pile driving was terrible.

If you live nearby, let us know if you are experiencing the same problems.


Anonymous said...

I live near the site and can hear the construction and feel the vibrations but have to say that I'm glad that the building housing an existing and thriving manufacturing was sold and subsequently demolished to make way for extreme luxury condos. No affordable housing here, only extreme luxury. What wonderful progress for our neighborhood and KACHING! for those who own nearby. And as an added bonus the developer is working within the confines of the existing zoning.

Rumor has it these units are about 50% sold already. Clearly there is much demand for high end condos with bocce ball courts and dog cleaning stations.

Anonymous said...

As far as developers go, from what I've heard Sterling has been communicative and conscientious of their neighbors but who knows how widespread it is. My building is adjacent to the site and they have kept us relatively updated. And yes the noise is loud and the vibrations very intense and even though Sterling has kept my building's managing agent informed as to construction schedules and activities it remains unclear who individual residents can complain to.

Maybe Brad Lander can arrange a meeting with Sterling like he did with Lightstone. Sterling starts at 7AM and I know Lightstone agreed to start an hour later but seems to have now reneged on this promise.

So if any of my neighbors wish to complain or try to arrange a neighborhood meeting with the developer, Coucilmember Brad Lander can be reached at

Anonymous said...

Wow, that first comment has so many double negative “ironies" I’m not sure if s/he is coming or going.
That said, I live right across the street and have to agree the noise is bad, but truly no worse then LightStone.
And the Carroll street group runs a pretty tight work site, which is nice.

Anonymous said...

It's a new world order in Carroll Gardens where developers and realtors call the shots and the new residents make mayonaise and buy artisinal pickles

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mayor DeBlasio. I put the blame for these problems squarely on his shoulders.

Progressive in word...but in reality, in the back pocket of the real estate industry. Big developers get whatever they want in this city. From that perspective, I think he is worse than Bloomberg.

You saw that when he represented us on the City Coucil. (Remember when he tried to bang through a zoning variance for the Hannah Senesh school? Done in the middle of the night...tried to pull a fast one.)

He could have modified the Lightstone project so that it is consistent with in terms of size and scale with the rest of the neighborhood. But he did not!

He is a supporter in word only, not in deed...and we will endure the consequences, while he moves to the Upper East side...and I will bet anything that he never moves back to his modest home on 12th Street.

Jack Ravio said...

What....these is a dog cleaning station in Carroll Gardens now?

Anonymous said...

The Mayor will return to his 12th Street home when he's voted out of office in the next mayoral election.

Anonymous said...

Jack Ravio,

One of the amenities at 345 Carroll will be a "pet grooming station". Could be an outdoor spigot with a hose attached. They will also have a doorman to keep the local bloggers and other assorted riff raff at bay.

Katia said...

Yea, I probably won't make it past the front door.

Aubrey said...

"No affordable housing here, just extreme luxury". I hope commenter #1 was being ironic. If not, please look at yourself in the mirror and say that again.

Anonymous said...

While I am not thrilled by this building since I literally am 7 feet away from it (and overlook), I have to say that the pile driving is not creating "insane noise or vibrations" 7' away and certainly not up the street (and we have the seismic meters to ensure it is not doing damage to our place). Not defending them, but have to say developer has been surprising conscientious in keeping the 3 adjacent buildings informed and on their own decided to drill rather than hammer all the perimeter piles so as to disturb our buildings as little as possible. This is highly unusual as costs more and takes more time. You can't compare this to Lightstone and regardless at this point no one can do anything to stop either of these developments and the much larger ones just getting approvals now. Been happening for 100 years in this city and will never stop or change.

Rob said...

I've been lucky. It seems they don't really start with the loud stuff until after I've left for work around 7:30 and they're done by the time I get home after 5. They have updated our building as to what is going on so we were warned they were going to be loud over the next month or so.

Anonymous said...

Hi all - what is the latest update on the two construction sites in terms of noise disturbances? I am looking at buying an apartment next door to the Carroll Street site and I'm wondering if the worst of the noise is over? Any idea when that project plans to be completed? Thanks! RW