Thursday, January 15, 2015

St. Agnes Church In Carroll Gardens Launches Campaign To Restore Rare Brooklyn-Made Wissner Concert Grand Piano From 1891

St. Agnes' Wissner piano after having been moved to the nave from a hidden corner of the church
photo courtesy of Anthony Cucchiara

video of Wissner Piano being moved to the nave.
Courtesy: Anthony Cucchiara

St. Agnes Church at 433 Sackett Street in Carroll Gardens just started a wonderful Kickstarter campaign to restore its long neglected Concert Grand Piano, which was built in 1891 by the Wissner Piano Company on Atlantic Avenue. To that end, St. Agnes is asking for donations to cover the $13,091 needed to fully restore this beautiful instrument. The elaborate restoration work will be done by Brooklyn’s master piano restorer, Brian Whiton.

Once funding is in place, it will take Whiton about two months to complete the work. Once the Wissner is returned to St. Agnes, the church will launch a community concert series in this wonderful neo-gothic style edifice designed by Brooklyn ecclesiastical architect, Thomas Francis Houghton (1842-1913).

So please help save a piece of Brooklyn history and allow this beautiful instrument to shine again.

Here is more information:

Saint Agnes Church launches Kickstarter campaign to restore its concert grand piano.

Saint Agnes Church (1913) in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn is embarking on a crowdfunding campaign to rebuild its antique concert grand piano.
When this gorgeous instrument is restored, the church will launch a community concert series in its majestic German inspired neo-Gothic style church designed by Brooklyn ecclesiastical architect, Thomas Francis Houghton (1842-1913).
Located at the corner of Sackett and Hoyt Streets, the church is planning a multi-ethnic musical series utilizing the magnificent nave of its historic church. The church’s soaring granite edifice, ornate stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings, and other fine ecclesiastical details will provide visitors with one of the most spiritually uplifting and aesthetically pleasing venues. This inspirational setting with its heavenly acoustics, will deliver a unique aural experience while showcasing Brooklyn’s rich and diverse musical talents.
The centerpiece of the St. Agnes’ forthcoming musical series is its 1891 Wissner concert grand piano. In disrepair and silent for decades, this unique instrument was manufactured by the Wissner Piano Company which began on Atlantic Avenue in 1878. The piano is slated for restoration by Brooklyn master restorer, Brian Whiton.
Donors to its Kickstarter fundraising campaign are needed to raise the requisite $ 13,091.00 restoration cost to make this piano, grand, once more, assuring it strikes its highest and most melodious notes for all of Brooklyn to enjoy.
Everyone who contributes to the Kickstarter campaign will receive a special gift, ranging from personal access to a “piano-cam” to view the ongoing restoration to a private concert using the church’s Wissner concert grand piano.

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