Thursday, February 05, 2015

Best Comment Of The Day: "Shameful"

Smdc has left the following comment on the post "Warning: NYPD Ticketing Commuters $100 At Bergen Street F/G Train Station For Jumping Over Broken Turnstyle During Rush Hour":

"I was there and it was shameful. There was lines of commuters extending up the stairs, but the officer yelling at me insisted we were lying about the inoperable fare gates. I've never skipped paying a fare.... except I could not. I had to get to work, and the officers' solution was to further delay commuters needless swiping cards for minutes before the turnstile would temporarily work. Another display of abuse of power and an inability to problem solve, work with the community, and work FOR the public. The attitude that they are out against us is disgusting and further damages the nypd relationship with th e public they pretend to serve. No one was made safer here; rather, the nypd protected the state/mta's coffers and penalized the taxpayer for mta's failure to maintain their fare gates. SHAMEFUL."

Read more response or leave your own comment regarding on this morning's NYPD ticketing at the Bergen Street subway station in Boerum Hill here.

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Rob said...

And the NYPD wonders why they have an image problem? They hear about a broken turnstile and see a line of people trying to swipe through. Of course their first thought is to write up a ton of tickets knowing full well they're all trying to swipe their cards through.

I think everyone has encountered a broken turnstile at one point. I remember jumping one at Carroll St after I swiped my unlimited card through a dozen times only to go from "Swipe again" to "just used" without ever letting me go through.