Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Dear Neighbors": This Week At The Lightstone Group's Construction Site In Gowanus

Get ready for more noise this week as pile driving begins at the Lightstone Group's 700-unit development project at 363-365 Bond Street between Carroll Street and Second Street adjacent to the Gowanus Canal.
Geto & de Milly, Inc, the developer's public relations firm, just issued the following update:

Dear Neighbors,

I’m writing to provide you with a construction update for Lightstone’s Gowanus project, located at 363-365 Bond Street.

This Wednesday, February 18th Lightstone’s construction team will commence the full and final installation of piles on the project. The pile driving will take place at the 363 Bond Street site between Carroll and 1st Streets. While general construction activity at the site will begin at 7:00am, Lightstone will continue its commitment not to drive piles prior to 8:00am. The construction team will utilize all available noise mitigation measures and as always, the site and the surrounding neighborhood will be comprehensively monitored using vibration monitors and other devices. Pile driving is expected to be completed within approximately 30 working days.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this work, please contact me by phone at (212) 686-4551 extension 744 or via email at jhendricks-atkins@getodemilly.com.

Julie Hendricks-Atkins

Lightstone has been issuing occasional updates to the community since promising more responsiveness to the noise and health concerns of nearby residents.

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