Friday, February 27, 2015

Pile Driving In A Flood Zone: D.o.B. Holding Informational Meeting In Red Hook That Might Interest Gowanus Residents

Red Hook
Residents of Red Hook and Gowanus share many of the same problems in regards to flooding and development pressures,  That's why an upcoming community meeting in Red Hook on March 4th with the New York City Department of Buildings will most certainly also be of interest to Gowanus residents.

The meeting notice was sent to me by a Red Hook resident, who thinks that the two communities could have a good dialog to discuss all common concerns.

Read below:
Hi All
Some of you will be experiencing development on your blocks soon: King/Sullivan Streets multifamily development; Dikeman/Richards; Wolcott between Van Brunt and Richards, etc.. 
Because we're in a flood zone, much new development in Red Hook will be elevated and involve some kind of piles. This meeting with DOB has been put together to help prepare and inform adjacent residents. 
Other items on the agenda are the new parking lot at the former Revere site and traffic concerns. 
Preliminary information regarding new flood maps and flood insurance will also be available. There will be a larger flood insurance and mapping event with Congresswoman Velazquez and NYC in the spring. 

Department of Buildings - Community Informational Session 

RE: Increased Pile Driving in Flood Zone AE 12

March 4th, 7 pm., PS 15 (entrance on Sullivan St.)

Dear Neighbors:

In addition to the questions/concerns listed below, please come to the meeting with your own experiences or concerns regarding the present and ongoing increase of pile driving in Red Hook. This meeting is meant to help the community prepare for more elevated buildings, provide guidance and help to assuage anxiety.
• Many are not getting notified of imminent pile driving
• What is the protocol for protecting one's building?
• How destructive is it? Is my building at risk? (we had an incident recently of a pile falling onto an adjacent property and, next door to that house, cracks developing but that property owner had not been notified of the pile driving.)
• Are there alternatives? What are helical piles? What is the expected difference between wood and steel piles?
• Does pre-augering help?
• What are the developer's responsibilities?
• Is there a cumulative effect?
• How do soil conditions factor both in terms of types of piles used, how far down they must go but, also, how different soil types determine particle velocity and frequencies. Apparently Red Hook has a lot of fill.
• In general, what kinds of information regarding pile driving and excavation are owners of adjacent buildings entitled to before having to hire an attorney or engineer?

ADDED by FN- Re: Block 576 - Wolcott and Van Brunt
87 Wolcott Development (50' x 113') – caisson or helical pile driving and monitoring of underpinning of adjacent buildings on lot line -Block 576 Lot 10

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