Monday, March 16, 2015

'Cobble Hill Diner' On Court Street Closed By Health Department

Several readers reported that the Cobble Hill Diner at 314 Court Street has been closed since late last week.
Of course, the first thought was that it had closed for good, which would be terrible news. The diner, once known as Donut House, has been a fixture in the neighborhood for at least twenty years, if not longer.
Thankfully, the closing seems to be temporary. According to the New York City Department web site, the eatery failed its last health inspection and was ordered to close.
It is not the first time the diner had problems with the agency.  Back in 2011, it had received a C rating.
This morning, the Greek diner was still closed. The gate has been rolled down, but the metal grate leading into the basement was open and someone seemed to be working down there
Hopefully, with some housekeeping, the owners will be able to re-open soon. Let us hope.


Trumbull Bully said...

Bully here...

Anyone notice the Micro Museum closing on Smith Street? This is starting to look like Detroit!

Kathleen Laziza said...

Micro Museum has relocated to the 2nd floor of their previous location. Open for special events in 2015 and will be open 2016 on Saturdays to celebrate 30 years in Brooklyn.