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Friday, March 27, 2015

Giant Bathtub Mystery Solved: "Float Ventures, LLC" To Occupy Space Above Buschenschank on Court Street

The second floor of 320 Court Street will soon be providing floatation therapy.
One of the enormous tubs that were delivered to 320 Court Street in February

A few weeks ago, PMFA readers had a bit of fun trying to guess what business was moving above Buschenschank, James McGown's Tyrolian gastro-pub at 320 Court Street after a reader had taken photos of several enormous tubs which were being delivered to the address.
Some readers though they were birthing tubs, some others thought they were for swinger parties.
Those who guessed that they were floating tanks seem to have been correct.

Someone just forwarded me a copy of a the-year commercial lease agreement that was signed back in October 2013 between James McGown's Brooklyn Renaissance, LLC and Float Ventures, LLC., a business which will be offering floatation therapy.

Strangely, the agreement states that the landlord acknowledges that Float Ventures, LLC. "is reliant upon a lack of noise" and that he will "shall undertake reasonable efforts to ensure that the other tenants of 320 Court Street utilize their respective premises to minimize disruption to the Business due to sound."
That may be a bit difficult considering that there is a loud pub directly underneath the floating tanks.

James McGown is auctioning off 320 Court Street together with some of his other Brooklyn properties at a pre-foreclosure" auction, which will be held at the Brooklyn Marriott Hotel today, March 27th, 2015  at 10 AM. 
A description of the 320 Court Street building estimates its value at $9.4 million. It states that the storefront is owner-occupied and will be delivered vacant, so perhaps the noise emanating from  Buschenschank.

According to a source, Float Ventures is putting the finishing touches on the second floor space and plans to open soon.
Meanwhile, a PMFA reader sent along the photos above of the second floor of the building bathed in black light.   He writes:
 "They’ve built out three interior private rooms, and the door was open to one of them- someone was working in there. There’s some weird shape in the room but for the life of me, I couldn’t even really figure what shape it was. I imagine it’s something that goes over one of those big tubs. Combine that with the black light, and it seems a little weird."

For fun, the reader also sent along a clip of the classic Altered States, Ken Russell's film featuring LSD and sensory deprivation tanks.


Anonymous said...

"We're beyond mass and matter here, beyond even energy. What we're back to is the first thought!"

Anonymous said...

It seems to be occupied and operational already. There was a woman with wet hair in a white towel running around past the windows last night. Wonder if it's legal and has its DOH certification? I'd bet no, based on the owner's record of shadiness and law- and safety-ignoring.

Anonymous said...

And let your troubles go down the drain. Will they have a lifeguard for those who can not float? Can I bring my rubber ducky into the tub with me? I guess I really don't understand this new age stuff

Anonymous said...

i really hope they reinforced those floors.

Katia said...

it would be wise for the neighbors to take out additional flood insurance.

Anonymous said...

That Buko Skanky pub is incredibly noisy. The last place I would build a place for "flotation therapy" is above a loud bar. It could work for ladies jello wrestling though.

Andy said...

You all may jest, but honestly I've been wanting to try floatation deprivation for some time now. Count me in.

Anonymous said...

@Andy, there are many flotation tanks in NY that are not located above a noisy bar in a questionably renovated space.

Anonymous said...

so - the supposed 'auction' was
yesterday, no?
Any reports if actually happened or anyone attended? or was it just another scam of his?

Katia said...

The auction happened, but there was a twist at the end. Tune back on Monday for an update.