Friday, April 03, 2015

A Rare Sighting: Swan Swimming On The Gowanus Canal

Photo by Hannah Jaris
Photo by Hannah Jaris
(Photo credit: Hannah Jaris)

Friend and Brooklynite Hannah Jaris spotted this mute swan swimming on the Gowanus Canal near the Union Street Bridge a few days ago. Though the polluted waterway is host to fowl and birds,  it is not every day that one sees a snow-white swan in the dirty water.
It would appear that in the past few days,  others have spotted swans in the canal. Jamie Courville  of Gowanus Current just posted a video of a pair of swans peacefully fishing in the canal.

After seeing the photo posted above, reader Analicia Alexander sent in the pictures below, which she took while standing on Third Avenue at the 5th Street Basin near Whole Foods.    She writes: " I wish I could have taken better pics, but it was hard to focus my camera and by the time I did, they had gone from sight."
This is probably the pair featured in the movie clip posted by Gowanus Current.
Thanks for sharing, Analicia.

(photos by Analicia Alexander)

Monday, April 13, 2015
Reader Analicia Alexander ran across this pair of swans again this past week-end at the same location and was able to take the photos below.  Obviously, this couple seems to like our polluted waterway and has made it their home.


Linda said...

Lovely photos.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should warn the swan to get out ASAP.

Anonymous said...

if we are to be fair. this is a great sign of things to come..water quality in the Canal is by far the best it has been in decades since the City's completion last year of the new flushing tunnel and sewage works.