Thursday, April 30, 2015

It Must be Nice! Lettire's General Superintendant At Lightstone Group's Construction Site Has Own Reserved Sidewalk Parking Spot

photo credite: Michael K.

Gowanus resident Michael K. just took the photos above of a reserved parking spot carved out by Lettire Construction's General Superintendant right on the sidewalk at the corner of Bond Street at Second Street.
Lettire is the construction company for the 700-unit Lightstone Group's project in Gowanus.

I guess General Superintenants don't need to bother finding street parking like the rest of us.
Is this common at construction sites?


Anonymous said...

What is good for Lightstone has certainly not been good for the Gowanus business community. No one can find parking within blocks of this construction any time during the business work day.

We have had perspective clients opt not to return to meet at our offices because of the parking situation.

Lightstone has taken all parking on 1st and 2nd away form the community. They have taken the Bond Street sidewalk way form the pedestrian community.

All they have done so far is take, and take from the community all the while claiming that they want to be good neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Every construction site does what it does to do their jobs.
That parking spot is just part of what they carve out while building. Look at that hole on smith street. That construction fence has eaten away the sidewalk for over 5 years. That lightstone property makes me physically ill. My heart bleeds for this area. My area.

Amanda said...

Total arrogance! Why isn't he being ticketed?