Tuesday, May 05, 2015

A Moment In Time: Yellow Duck

A yellow duck entering a house on Dean Street. A white goose had just entered the house a few seconds before, but i could not get my camera out of my bag quickly enough.

A reader just informed me that this is Duck of "Duck and Goose" with the author of the the beloved children's books, Tad Hills.


Anonymous said...

That's Duck of Duck and Goose fame! They are visiting their creator Tad Hills. Check out the Schwartz & Wade facebook page (his publisher) for more great photos of Duck and Goose's visit to Brooklyn.

Teri said...

Love our kooky 'hood! ❤️

Katia said...

Anon, just checked it out. You are right. I guess I am out of the loop in regards to children's books now that my kids are all grown up.

Anonymous said...

There goes the nabe.