Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Another Lightstone Group Update On Development At 363 And 365 Bond Street in Gowanus

The Lightstone Project at 363 and 365 Bond Street as seen from the Third Street Bridge
The first section of the project at 365 Bond Street as seen from the Carroll Street Bridge
The still empty site at 363 Bond Street
Bond Street looking at the 365 Bond Street site
Lightstone Gowanus Construction Update - May 2015 copy copy
Periodically, Lightstone Group, the developer of the mega housing development  at 363 Bond Street and 365 Bond Street in Gowanus has sent out a construction update through its public relationship firm
Geto & de Milly, Inc.
Late last week,  another announcement was sent out to "provide you with an overview of upcoming work on Lightstone’s Gowanus site during the month of May."
Julie Hendricks-Atkins of Geto & de Milly, Inc., writes:
"Starting on Monday, May 11th, Lightstone’s construction team will be conducting work to facilitate utility connections to the project. The work will take place on Bond Street between 1st and 2nd Streets. Bond Street will remain open to traffic during this work; however, some parking spaces along the block will be temporarily designated as “No Parking” areas. Lightstone anticipates that the work will be completed within approximately three to four weeks."

The first portion of the 700 rental unit project has risen quickly on the 365 Bond Street site between First Street and Second Street.  The second part of the development, which will rise at 363 Bond Street between Carroll Street and First Street, is yet to be built.

Though it is only half built, it certainly is evident that the project is quite huge. It also is amazing to see exactly how close to the Gowanus Canal it really is.
The buildings' future tenants will be in for a rough time when he EPA starts dredging the coal tar from the bottom of this Superfund site. And let us not even talk about the next superstorm and any related flooding.


Anonymous said...

I realize it is simply a typing error, but you inadvertently are proven correct: the Whole Foods superstore will do more lasting damage to the community than any housing development ever could.

Anonymous said...

Do the windows even open?

Katia said...

Damn auto correct. Yes, it was meant to say superstorm, but as you pointed out, superstore works also.

Anonymous said...

Yes, another lightstone update and also another posting from this blog about nothing. Enough already. The building is being built. Get over it.

Katia said...

Anonymous, sorry you are getting bored with the photos I post of the construction of the Lightstone building.
Personally, I like to document the construction of the largest building in the immediate area and certainly the largest on the shores of the Gowanus. Who knows, maybe future generations of residents will be interested in them one day, even if they annoy you right now.

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:17, this blog isn't assigned reading so if you don't enjoy Katia's posts and documentation of our wonderful and evolving neighborhood then don't read this blog. Simple.

Another blog also posted about Lightstone's progress which yet another blog linked to. Why don't you also tell them how bored you are.

Thank you Katia.

TruthTeller said...

This has the earmarks of the Mussolini-inspired dreck that litters Rome. It's a shame that Whole Foods and the canal will have more character than this trash.

Let's hope the next superstorm fixes this atrocity.

Anonymous said...

I am still so sick about this thing. I guess I am thankful for all the photos I have of the canal from the various bridges fooling me into thinking I'm in a different city. But with this neighborhood killing monster all that bucolic daydreaming is dead.
How dare the city allow this.

Anonymous said...

The construction we see now is massive in itself. Many looking at it think that is it not realizing that this is a TWO BLOCK project and they will repeat all that we currently see going up, on the block north of 1st street.

The area will continue to be lined with construction delivery trucks for a long time, through the summer and beyond.

Toots Shor said...

Keep up the good work, Katia. Whole Foods is an abortion and shows the scorn that company has-- design is vile, the parking lot a disaster-- and dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists etc etc. It's different scale, granted, but compare-- and I say as previous skeptic-- to what Ikea did in Red Hook, which is actually BETTER than what New York state does for its actual city parks.

As for Lightstone, it's a farce and again, if building residential there was inevitable-- which it wasn't, necessarily, given environmental factors and the imporatance of light industrial jobs/space-- it could have been done so so so so much better.

But the real estate trolls on all ends-- politicians, including our vile community board members, bloggers, agents and all who depend on them-- treat the game as it really is: FIXED.

Morgan J Freeman said...

Where are 700 people/couples/families going to park their cars?