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Monday, May 04, 2015

"La Cigogne": The Taste Of Alsace In The Heart Of Carroll Gardens

owners Damien Frey and Jeremy Andre

In Alsace, France, storks are symbol of happiness, luck and faithfulness. Every spring, the 'cigognes' migrate from Africa to build their nests on rooftops and chimneys all around Alsace, where their return is cause for celebration.
We may not have storks here in Carroll Gardens, but one only need go to La Cigogne at 213-215 Union Street to celebrate spring and the cuisine of Alsace. The spacious eatery features Alsatian specialties like flammekuchen, spätzle, regional charcuterie and cheeses.  Pair any dish with a Kronenbourg beer or a Gewürztraminer, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this unpretentious neighborhood eatery.

La Cigogne opened in June 2014 and has gotten some wonderful reviews. This past April, the restaurant received its full liquor license, so owners Damien Frey and Jeremy Andre have added a cocktail menu featuring some great signature drinks.

If you have not yet tried La Cigogne, don't wait. Both Frey, an Alsatian and Andre, a Marseillais, will make you feel right at home in their restaurant.

213-215 Union Street
Between Henry and Clinton Street
Carroll Gardens


chance bliss said...

a fantastic restaurant with a great mix of regulars from the neighborhood and foodies from other parts of the city.

have become big fans of damien and jeremy and the low-key vibe that they've created. especially nice to sit on the terrace during the warm summer evenings.

very much a welcome addition to our block.

Shanone said...

Great concept, but poor execution. I wanted to LOVE this place, but it fell very flat. Went for brunch with the family over the winter. The place was freezing cold, so much so that we needed to keep our jackets on. The food was cold and terribly under seasoned and in general the menu was sub-par. The coffee was cold and stale. The service was sparse despite there only being 2 other tables sitting. It made me wonder if the same person was cooking that was serving?!?! We spilled juice on the ground and no one was around to provide napkins, a rag or help us clean it up. We ended up going into the bathroom and using all the paper towels in the bathroom to clean up the mess. Even then the server seemed unphased. With what is available in the neighborhood, I will not be returning. So many better options.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I could have written Shanone's review (except for the spilled juice). Went with a friend for Sunday brunch over the winter, cold place, food served cold, bland and overpriced for what it was. The menu was poor. Coffee was not refilled and wasn't good so it didn't matter. The place was mostly empty. Won't be going there again.

Timothy Reed said...

Really enjoy La CIgogne, which, along with Vekslers, offer some great options on this side of Court St. They've got a focused, simple, well priced menu, excellent house wines, and an easy, relaxed vibe.

Anonymous said...

Well? They are French. French don't do brunch. And what "better brunch " do you speak of? All the overpriced junk down on Court?
I saw this space renovated but it seemed too themed out.
Why do French people come to NYC or brooklyn and present a cartoon version of France to Americans? Just keep it real. And I saw a nice fireplace. Perhaps it wasn't working the day you all had brunch. I hope their service hops up for their sake. That alone could kill them

Damien Frey said...

Dear Shanone,

We experienced a very intense and long winter with the lowest temperature seen in years. Therefore we did indeed had heating issues that we fixed for the upcoming winter season so that you dont need to wear your ski jacket while having breakfast. We are sorry that you did not enjoy your experience at La Cigogne. As a new restaurant we have made mistakes but also know that we fixed them. Give us an other try, you wont be disappointed.

Have a great day,


Damien Frey said...

Dear anonymous (!), as mentionned in the previous review we fixed our heating issues and keep improving the quality of the food and service on a daily basis. If you ever decide to give us an other shot, simply ask for Jeremy ot Damien, we would love to show you that we learn from our mistakes.


Anonymous said...

We've eaten here for dinner a half a dozen times over the past year and enjoyed every meal. WE did stop in this winter during that cold spell but the fire was running and the red wine warmed us all. It is a lovely, low key dinner spot where you can talk with friends and hear the conversation. Would definitely consider eating there again.

Angelo said...

I've been there the last 3 or 4 weekends in a row becasue their amazing burger keept calling me. Great food, great vibe and great service. It's our new go-to.