Thursday, May 28, 2015

Picture Of The Day: President Street

Looking down President Street towards Clinton Street.
Taken earlier today at the corner of Court Street.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of President Street, I recently walked along it and was taken by the interesting residential building at 255 President, next to the former church on the corner. (I'm an EV resident, but discovered Carroll Gardens last year and walk through it once in a while.)

Anonymous said...

That was built as the rectory for the church. There is also a building built as a rectory on Carroll between Smith and Hoyt next to the 3 1980's vintage condo buildings close to Hoyt St. There was a wood frame church on the condo site that burned to the ground around 1980. The last 2 buildings on the corner of Degraw and Hoyt St between Smith and Hoyt, across from St Agnes were combined and used as a rectory but were not built as a rectory. They were sold and converted back to private residences around 10-15 years ago.